12 style lessons we’ve learnt from Taylor Swift

Google Taylor Swift and you get 357 million results. The 25-year-old superstar can do no wrong. She writes her own music, gives millions away to charity and do you remember that time when the lights went out at a concert and she told fans she’d finish the concert with her guitar by candlelight if she had to?

If there weren’t enough reasons to heart Tay forever, we’re about to give you some more. Having refused to dumb down her image or fit into a cookie cutter mould of what a superstar should be, Ms Swift’s not only carved a career for herself worth £130 million but she’s also become one of the biggest style icons of our generation.

Here are 12 style lessons we’ve learned courtesy of the indomitable Taylor Swift…

1. You don’t always have to style your hair

After getting her long bob or ‘lob’ done in 2014 Taylor’s worn it every which way but one of our faves has to be just washed and worn. The key to copying Taylor’s style is to use a defrizzing product after washing and then letting it dry naturally

2. Own a signature beauty look

For Taylor it’s Nars Dragon Girl lipstick. The red lip has come to define her as much as beach hair defines Cara Delevingne. Experiment to find the beauty look that suits you then own it and make it your signature.

3. Don’t fear the fringe

Whether it’s eyelash tickling or swept to the side, Tay Tay wears her fringe, it doesn’t wear her. If you’re going to get it chopped go for a consultation first and if you want Taylor’s look make sure you ask for a versatile fringe you can wear lots of different ways.

4. Hair bands aren’t just for little girls

Whether it’s on the red carpet or just out shopping, Taylor’s made the hair band an acceptable adult accessory. The perfect accent for when time is short, hair is unwashed but you want to make an effort.

5. If trends don’t suit you ignore them

Ever seen Taylor in an unstructured maxi? No, because she knows what suits her and sticks with the formula. A fan of structure and belts to show off her waist, you won’t find Taylor channelling hippy chic. If a trend doesn’t suit you, stop trying to make it work.

6. Find your colour

Taylor looks schamazing in red, whether it’s on her lips, her clothes or shoes. She’s found her signature colour and has plenty of key pieces in her wardrobe which she knows are failsafe and don’t need to be tried and tested. Figure out what your colour is and invest in some key pieces you can wear for work and play.

7. Find a signature pair of sunnies

Taylor never goes out of style with her Ray Ban Wayfarers. She’s got them in black, tortoise shell, red and pink. Whether it’s post gym or to a business meeting, nothing puts a full stop on an outfit like some classic shades.

8. Crop tops can be elegant

If it wasn’t for some holiday shots you’d be forgiven for thinking Taylor didn’t have a belly button. A fan of cropped tops to accentuate her tiny waist, Ms Swift keeps it subtle by going high waisted; revealing just a little flesh and not too much.

9. Classy is always better than sexy

She may have come through with the crop of stars like Miley Cyrus but Taylor’s not one to flash la flesh. If she goes short, it’s often with long sleeves and a higher neckline. You just know she’ll be able to look back on her style in 30 years and not regret One. Single. Outfit. (More than we can say)

10. Let your inner beauty shine through

The most enviable part of Taylor’s style is her fluidity. She’s as at home kickin’ it in some cut offs and Keds with no make-up as she is on the red carpet in Reem Accra. She’s a style chameleon and no matter what your style, it’s guaranteed there’ll be a Taylor look to suit you.

11. Flaunt your assets

She admitted recently she’s still growing and with pins like that who wouldn’t show them off? Knowing what your assets are and how to flaunt and highlight them will give you confidence and turn heads tout suite.

12. Don’t get lazy

Just because you know what structures suit you, mix up textures, fabrics, colours and accessories. Taylor’s ‘theme’ is classy, preppy and cute’ but she’s constantly reinventing that and reinterpreting it.