Photographer Takes Shots Of People’s Faces at 7am And 7pm And The Results Are *Amazing*

None of us look the same leaving the bed in the morning as we do getting through the door after a long day of work. However, our faces change slowly through the day so you never get to see the full affects of what a day does to your face. You can edit the changes with extra make-up and changing your hair but this photographer is bringing the truth to light (hah)….

Amsterdam-based photographer Barbara Iweins aimed to expose the human being behind the faces she shot and did so with her Au Coin de ma Rue project. The idea was to build relationships with all the people she would take portraits of on a yearly basis.

In year four of the five year project, Iweins thought to shoot her subjects within five minutes of waking them up and at 7pm once most of the day was done. Have a look at some of the results below.

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The subjects would usually be staying the night at Iweins’ or she’d have keys to get into their apartment. Timing was everything. The photographer realised that “the uninhibited glaze in the yes of a person disappears in five minutes”.

You can see in the 7am shots the lack of focus of vulnerability as the mind returns to the body after waking up. It’s beautiful!

The 7pm shots obviously show off each subjects’ unique and awesome style but have so much more confidence about them.

It’s easier to see with the guy shots because of the lack of make-up but, as they always say, the eyes are the window to the soul. Spend a minute looking at the difference between the eyes, how softer they are in the morning and where the pupils are focused.

Iweins plans on catching up with the subjects every five years from now on!

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