11 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better On Your Period

Periods, eh? They give us cramps, cause mood swings and can even lead to bad hair days. But we’ve got one up on Mother Nature, because we know exactly how to make those period-filled days a little more bearable.

Next time you’re feeling a bit rubbish, check out these simple hacks…

1) Take a long shower

The hot water will help soothe the pain of cramps. It’ll also make you feel cleaner after faffing around with tampons and sanitary towels.


2) Pop a hot water bottle on your stomach

This will get the blood flowing to your abdomen, which scientists say can have the same effect as painkillers for up to an hour.


3) Indulge in calcium-rich foods

Eating milk and yoghurt just before and at the start of your cycle will help relieve cramp symptoms and food cravings.

Also put a banana in your lunch box. They contain serotonin, which reduces moodiness (your co-workers will be thankful).


4) Buy a massive bar of dark chocolate

Partially because you deserve it. Partially because a 70% cacao bar can help you regain magnesium, which you lose during your time of the month.


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5) Cook with complex carbohydrates

Fruit and vegetables should get rid of sugar cravings.


6) Drink lots of water

This will assist your body in releasing water retention, giving you respite from bloating.


7) Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine

These are all stimulants, which will encourage your muscles to contract and cause discomfort.

We definitely can’t deal with more of that right now.


8) Have sex

It might be the last thing you feel like doing, but orgasms cause a surge in both oxytocin and endorphins.

This can ease PMS and cramps. Winner.


9) Take a yoga class

The bow pose puts pressure on the abdomen, relieving constipation and pain. It can also help to get rid of tiredness and stress.


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10) Have an early night

The National Sleep Foundation says 30% of women complain about a lack of sleep while menstruating.

Feeling tired and cranky is not the way to power through your period, so put down that to-do list and get tucked up. A drop of lavender oil on your pillow should help you drop off more easily.


11) Steer clear of salt

Say no to that fish and chips! Salt can make you retain too much water, causing you to bloat.