What The World’s Perfect Face Looks Like, According To A Plastic Surgeon

The gauntlet of ‘perfect beauty’ has, once again, been thrown down. This time the competition is a face that doesn’t even belong to anyone! There is no recipe for the perfect face but one plastic surgeon has done his absolute damnedest to create what closely resembles our perception of facial perfection.

Dr Julian De Silva, a facial cosmetic surgeon at the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery, has put together the perfect face with apparently all the free time he has being a Harley Street doctor.


We should say, for the record, that by ‘put together’ we mean digitally. This isn’t some Victor Frankenstein wannabe that’s made something beautiful instead of hideous.

So what’s the formula for the conventionally beautiful face? Well, based on request from 1,000 of De Silva’s female patients over the past years here are the results:

  • Forehead: Miley Cyrus
  • Eyebrows: Jennifer Lopez
  • Eyes: Keira Knightly
  • Nose: Kate Middleton
  • Cheeks: Angelina Jolie
  • Skin: Reece Witherspoon
  • Chin: Selina Gomez
  • Lips: Penelope Cruz

Got an idea of what this celebrity hybrid would look like? If you’re not a visual person check out the digitally created ‘perfect face’ below.

plastic surgeon

Image credit: Dr Julian De Silva

Have a look at that totally unreal person. De Silva reasoned out why so many people want the same nose as the Duchess of Cambridge. According to him, her nose has a 106-degree nasal tip rotation and recent research suggests that tip rotations between 104-108 degrees are the most beautiful.

We think that all nasal tip rotations are beautiful.


The internet community were less than happy about this research. A few commenters said that this fabricated face is a dead-ringer for Nina Dobrev which isn’t totally off-base.

Another insightful spectator commented: “This just proves that it is not the ingredients that make a great meal, it’s the way you combine them that makes the difference. She is plain”. Oh snap.