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The worst career advice Stephen Fry ever received

We have buckets and buckets of career advice on this site. Some of it more useful to you than others and vice versa. We also probably have quite a lot that contradicts one another but that’s okay. When you’re young, you’re just looking for a few ideals or philosophies to aspire to. Stephen Fry

Sometimes it’s easier to get given terrible career advice. You don’t necessarily need to know where you’re going but if you know where you don’t want to be, that’s a damn good start!

Speaking to one of our favourite Youtube channels, Big Think, Stephen Fry tells what the worst piece of career advice he ever received. This is the best bits of his one minute answer:

  • “Never do something because you’re paid more money. If you go for more money, you seem to end up paying more. Be it in terms of peace of mind”.
  • Talking about his experience as an actor Stephen Fry said: “When you do a commercial you’re not doing it because it’s a statement of personal belief but you try to choose one where you’re happy to be associated with but you do those in order to earn time to do other things”.