‘I get to travel the world in my job as a wedding videographer’

Sick of 9 to 5 monotony, Anna Somma, 35, from Jersey ditched a successful career as a graphic designer to follow her dream of being a wedding videographer. She now travels the world filming couples’ big days. Here she explains why life is too short not to follow your dreams.

1. How did you know you were in the wrong career?

I have had so many different jobs. From a personal trainer to a graphic designer. But I knew working in an office environment wasn’t for me. Agencies were so restrictive and I longed to be more creative than I was being.

2. What’s been the highest point?

Being part of wedding days is always pretty high! Having incredible feedback from my films really makes it for me. Nothing is better than when people say that they have cried watching my films and they don’t even know the couple. I’ve also had some amazing opportunities, such as shooting a wedding in Hong Kong and filming a birthday party in Marrakech.

3. And what’s been the hardest thing?

The hardest can be working from home. You have to be really disciplined and structured with your time. It’s easy to let the work build up and feel overwhelmed with everything left to do and no-one to tell you otherwise.

4. What would you advise anyone who thinks they’re in the wrong career to do?

Life is way too short. You spend so much of your day working and for anyone to really not enjoy their work everyday is really sad. Everyone is great at something. Imagine doing what you love and what you’re good at every day. It breaks my heart when people go to university and do these fabulous creative degrees, then fall into a finance job that they really don’t like. There is a lot of help and advice out there for people wanting to start up, or just change career. Make that first step and book in a few appointments.

5. Who’s inspired you?

I’ll always remember my Spanish teacher at school who was so enthusiastic and obviously loved her job. Her classes were always so much fun, she obviously loved teaching and loved everything spanish.

6. Did you have to get any special training?

I took pictures for a long time and always had a camera in my hand. But I had never filmed! I started by reading the filming section in my camera manual. Then I watched as many free tutorials online as I could find. I also purchased a couple of online film making courses and did them 2 or 3 times. Then it’s just practice, practice, practice.

7. How did you start getting work?

I knew a photographer who spoke to a few of her couples offering a free wedding film so I could practice and get a few for my portfolio before I started. I owe a lot to her.

Find out more about Anna’s company Somma Productions here.

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