Are You A Massive Liar? Research Says So…

According to new statistics, 60% of us told a lie at least once in the last ten minutes alone...Oops.

When was the last time you told a lie? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? Well, you might be horrified to learn that according to recent research by Statistic Brain, you’ve probably already told at least one lie today AND you might even fib up to five times more – to your partner, colleague or even your boss.

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Whether it’s politicians lying during the US election campaign or Charlotte Crosby telling her fans she’s appearing on I’m A Celeb (she’s not by the way, it was a giant fib), it seems we’re telling lies around the clock. According to an experiment by POLITICO magazine, Trump averaged one lie every three minutes and 15 seconds, in interviews, speeches and social media – totalling 87 fibs over the five-day period they analysed.


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It’s not just the politicians telling porkies either. Despite only 12% of adults admitting to lying “sometimes” or “often”, researchers at the University of Massachusetts found 60% of people tell a fib at least once during a 10-minute conversation. What’s more, those people who did lie actually told an average of three fibs during the short chat. It seems we’ve been doing it most of our lives too, with experts claiming 90 per cent of children have already mastered the art of telling lies by the time they reach the age of four.

In similar research by Statistic Brain, experts revealed 80 per cent of women admitted to occasionally telling “harmless half truths” and according to a separate study by Scientific American, 90% of people lie in their online dating profiles too. On average, women claim to weigh almost nine pounds less than they actually do, while men often exaggerate their height, income and education.

It seems we cannot help but tell a series of fibs throughout the day – whether it’s underplaying how much we spent on Saturday night, halving the number of times we eat McDonalds each month, to admitting Honey G is actually our guilty pleasure (she is, by the way). While we’d like to think we’re totally honest in every way, it’s definitely a set of statistics to keep in mind (especially when swiping through Tinder).

The Stats


  • By age four, 90% of children have already mastered the concept of lying.
  • In general we lie about things that will make us look better. 31% of people admit to lying on their resumes/CVs.
  • 13% of patients lie to their doctor.
  • 30% of people lied about their diet and exercise regimes.
  • 60% of people lie at least once during a 10-minute conversation.
  • On average, men lie to their partner, boss or colleague 6 times per day.
  • On average, women lie to their partner, boss or colleague 3 times per day.

By Lucy Devine