What it’s like being one of Google’s elite ‘Doodlers’

No artist has more eyes on their work than one of Google’s elite squad of doodlers. Tasked with the important goal of transforming the Google banner into topical, entertaining and often emotionally resonating masterpieces.

Celebrating birthdays, news stories and global events – the Google doodles are often more educational and lasting than they are fleeting novelty. But it makes you question who makes them and where did they come from?

Introducing Olivia Huynh, the multi-talented artist who is one of the twelve artists, programmers and engineers who collaborate to dream up and create new, exciting ways to rejig the Google logo.

Speaking to Business Insider, Hunyh reveals: “I am never bored. I don’t think there are a lot of jobs where you can be a game developer, an illustrator and an animator at the same time”. Google’s doodles aren’t just still pictures, they can range from interactive stories to fully-fledged games of Pac-Man.

For example, last Friday, as you probably saw, the Google doodle was a homage to Wilbur Scoville – the man behind the Scoville Unit of measuring the spiciness of peppers. It featured an adorable mini game too.

Doodlers are constantly working on the next project since their work is deadline based according to specific anniversaries, events etc. Some doodles don’t have as much time and planning put into them like the “Mars drinking from a cup” doodle which was created for when scientists found evidence of water on Mars – this particular doodle had a day turn over.

The seemingly most challenging job in the team is the role of the engineers who make sure that the animation and game based doodles hold up even when millions of people are procrastinating with a Beethoven animation instead of working. It’s a lot of pressure but looks to be a lot of fun!

Now what?