We spoke to the mind behind goo.ey: the phone case “that frees hands and doubles as a canvas for self expression”

Rachel Verghis has solved the age-old dilemma of having 1000 things to do with only two hands. You’d think by this point in history humans would have evolved to have more but luckily Rachel, and her goo.ey brand, is designing miracles to undercut nature.

Goo.ey is a digital innovation company that designs hands-free phone cases that can stick to glass, mirrors and any surface. goo.ey are currently working with a number of fashion designers like Henry Holland and still riding a meteoric rise.

List for Life caught up with Rachel Verghis to discuss the origin of goo.ey and how to take advantage of gaps in the market.

1. Can you talk me through your career journey?

I started my career in banking back in 1992 with Westpac on the trading floor. This was followed by Deutsche, Citibank and Macquarie Bank, spanning 17 years. When I decided to have a baby I knew I needed to look for work I could do from home to keep myself busy. I’ve always been full of ideas and the goo.ey cases were one of five I thought of whilst I was pregnant.

2. How did you start your company?

I started in May 2013 using my savings and a little bit of seed money from my investor. It took me about two years to build the company and get it it to the level it is now.

3. Where did the idea for goo.ey come from?

My brother in law introduced me to the material in skin form back in 2013. I immediately saw its potential to be used for phone cases and completely revolutionise the way we use our phones.

4. How did you discover a gap in the market?

I was looking for a way to keep my iPad mini and phone out of reach of my two year old son, I knew there must be a better solution than propping them against random objects or surfaces and hoping for the best.

Image credit: Rachel Verghis

Image credit: Rachel Verghis

5. How did you get to work with such exciting people/brands? (Henry Holland – so exciting!)

Almost by chance! We approached both Sophia Webster and Ai Wei Wei who both said ‘yes’ and our small brand suddenly had big associated names! It has grown massively since then and is now becoming an accessory that frees hands, but also doubles as a canvas for self expression.

6. Did you get investment? How did you get your business off the ground initially?

Yes, I have one investor who is very vested and supportive. I also used all of my savings to get the company started!

7. What would your advice be for someone wanting to start their own business?

Market and advertise your product even before you bring it to market. You will know very quickly if there is demand and then you can build upon that.

Rachel is one of the exhibitors at the upcoming Millennial 20/20 event – the world’s first millennial business event which will see over 3,000 brands, companies and start-ups gather together in London. The event is taking place on April 13th and 14th and you can buy tickets here.

List for Life will be covering the event in April so make sure you stay tuned!