Meet these models/entrepreneurs (is there anything they can’t do?!)

Models Gabi and Portia are very impressive ladies. Together they founded Model Fit Life, a lifestyle website dedicated to showing what the modelling industry is really like.

The duo’s aim is to clear up misconceptions that all models are super skinny and six foot tall – they are themselves both healthy sizes and only 5’7″. Gabi Darlington, 23, and Portia Prince, 25, say that they chatted about launching a website for a while, but now Model Fit Life is a reality. Prepare to experience major #girlcrush.

Image Credit: Model Fit Life

Image Credit: Model Fit Life

1. Talk us through your career journey up to founding Model Fit Life?

Gabi: Whilst doing my masters in Broadcast Journalism in London I began modelling to earn some extra money. Since finishing my degree I started working at ITN in news production, and still modelling on the side. My life is a constant juggling act between employers!

Portia: I began my career path in London as an intern at Europe’s leading modelling agency, Models 1. Then, after some time working in the fashion industry, I decided that I would give modelling a go myself. I was snapped up by MOT Models and W Athletic – where we are both signed.

2. Why did you both decide to start the site?

We both met on a job for Adidas in 2014, and clicked straight away. We were then booked together regularly. We realised that our friends and family were often excited or interested to hear about what we got up to on a shoot, what we did at a casting, and how we keep in shape. We figured we would share snippets of our lives and of our different experiences of the modelling industry. Model Fit Life was born.

Image Credit: Model Fit Life

Image Credit: Model Fit Life

3. What space is Model Fit Life filling?

We aim to provide a realistic and fun insight into our lives, as we work in an industry that not many get to see. Modelling is often glamourised and people sometimes have stereotypical views of what a model can be like. We hope to change those misconceptions. There are so many blogs out there that give health and fitness advice, it’s hard to stand out, but, we hope ours is different because we are interviewing and chatting to models, bookers, and others in the industry to try and make our world as transparent as possible.

4. Do you think there are many misconceptions out there about the modelling industry? Perhaps that most models are unhealthy or unwell?

Unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions about the industry, this is one of the reasons why we started the blog. We want to show that there are lots of different types of modelling. We interview people who work in all aspects of the industry to try and show our readers and viewers that modelling doesn’t mean you have to be size six and six foot tall. We’re both super healthy and only 5’7″!

5. What do you think are the biggest hurdles that ambitious young people face today?

One of the biggest hurdles for ambitious young people today is that their age is often discriminated against. People sometimes don’t take young professionals seriously, and that can be really frustrating.

6. What life advice would you give?

To have confidence in your decisions, and follow them through. We would also say that you should try and find something positive in every situation.

7. What do you think about unrealistic body images on the internet?

Young people face, on a daily basis, images on social media that plague them with what society thinks is sexy. It has become so hard to accept your differences, whether it’s your body type or what your interests are. It’s so easy to conform and become consumed by what social media says is acceptable – which has previously been ‘the skinnier the sexier’. But now, there is a positive movement towards strong being sexy.

8. Do you think some images of models can be damaging to young people?

Yes the internet can portray unrealistic body images and this can be damaging. Some models have incredible bodies, but it’s important to remember that their job is to work on their figure. They are paid to stay in shape, to be athletic. We hope to show that there is more behind our faces and our bodies. We slip off the wagon sometimes, we have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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