We met the grads of media company Goodstuff to find out more about their jobs

Thinking of a career in the media industry? Well Jobseekers, you need to read this! We went to one of London’s coolest media companies, Goodstuff, to meet three of their graduate employees, Mike Ruxton, Katie McElhone and Olivia Shackleton. 

They told us how they bagged their dreamy jobs, how they come up with creative ideas (doesn’t that sound SO fun?) and the unusual parts of their working lives that you may not imagine (you’ll be surprised!)

Prepare to be totally inspired…

1. What made you want to work for Goodstuff?

Mike: It’s weird because when you ask around the office, I don’t know anyone who says: “I knew I wanted to work in media”. I knew I wanted to get into media and advertising in some way, so I just applied for every type of job going.

Katie: When I graduated I worked for a bank for a year before I worked here. My story is similar to Mike’s – I knew I wanted to do something within advertising, so I sent my CV to every agency I could. Most I didn’t even hear back from! Then I did a grad day here, where they invited 15 of us down, and I really enjoyed it.

Olivia: I graduated this summer and then went off and enjoyed my summer before I started working. When I got back from my holiday I spent about a month doing job applications. Then this was one of the first places I interviewed for and I got it!

2. What is a typical work day like for you?

Olivia: It changes so much depending on whether we’ve got campaigns going on. We do a lot of audience analysis – looking at who we want to target and what media to use. We also do competitive analysis to gain insight into our client’s category landscape. We’re doing a lot of training as well. The company want to get people progressing which is amazing for us. We’ve had grad-days in things like radio and TV which we’ve all learnt a lot from.

3. What would your advice be to people who might want your jobs?

Katie: I think with a lot of media agencies; they don’t really care about the people – it’s very sales-driven. At Goodstuff, everybody knows each other really well and you also you get a lot more responsibility. I think that’s the best way to learn.

Mike: I had lots of interviews for loads of different roles and I’d walk into their offices and think “I don’t really want to work here” but I was so desperate that I was gutted when I didn’t get those jobs. When I walked in here though, it felt like a really nice environment. Everybody is really easy to talk to – it even says on our site that if you think you’re the right kind of person to work for us you can just ping us an email.

4. Who are your clients and what kind of stuff do you do in your jobs?

Mike: Hiscox (insurance) is my biggest client and working with them takes up 80-90% of my time. I also work with Ann Summers, WeSwap, who are a currency exchange and Plan UK who are a charity.

Katie: I work on cheapflights.co.uk, House of Fraser, Dr Martens and then I’ve got a few smaller ones such as Eve which is a mattress company. It’s so varied but it’s nice being that way!

Olivia: My clients are Kopperberg, (Taylors of Harrogate) Yorkshire Tea and First Utility, which is a gas and electricity supplier – they’re my main ones.

5. What is the most challenging part of your jobs?

Mike: There’s a Goodstuff thing where we don’t want to just give people bog-standard work. You want to put time into what you’re sending over and go the extra-mile.

Katie: Often we have raw data which we need to interpret, analyse, gain insight from and present to our clients in a creative way. When you’ve got lots of campaigns live, it’s quite hard but you’ve just got to manage your time.

6. How do you come up with creative concepts all the time?

Mike: Before I started working in advertising I always imagined there would be sudden ‘Eureka!’ moments when ideas would just blow up, but it’s actually quite a long, gruelling process. At Goodstuff we have a really cool ‘idea deck of cards’, which is a pack of cards that inspire ideas. Each card asks you questions such as – “If a celebrity was involved in this campaign, what would it look like?”

Katie: Yeah everyone gets involved and it’s a lot of fun.

7. What’s an unusual part of your job people might not realise you do?

Katie: The company do a lot of fun stuff like a yearly getaway and events around Summer and Christmas time. Clients give us quite of lot of freebies too, which is always great!

Mike: Goodstuff also give employees a £100 ‘And Some Fund’ to go off and do something you’ve always wanted to do, totally unrelated to work.

Olivia: If you ever wanted to go do an art course, it’s really good for that. It could be anything really!

8. What’s hot desking like?

Katie: It depends on when you get in in the morning. I used to work at a bank so I was used to having my own desk. I wasn’t sure how I’d find hot desking but I really like it now!

Mike: It’s good if you need to work with someone for the day on a project, you can just plonk yourself down next to them.

Want to know how YOU can get a job at Goodstuff? Check out their site here.

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