Top hair colourist Tom Smith on a revolutionary hair treatment that will totally change your life

When Tracy Cunningham told me that there was a new hair treatment out there that would change my life, I knew I had to try it. Then Kim Kardashian called it a must-have, without being paid to praise it! If something was ever good enough for Kim Kardashian, it’s totally good enough for us. Prepare to lust over a new hair treatment you absolutely must try – Olaplex.  

Where better to find out more than a boutique hair salon in Marylebone. I chatted to Billi Currie’s Colour Director Tom about the latest innovation in the hair world.

1. What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is an in-salon three-step treatment that completely resets the condition of the hair. When used with colour, it will take dark brunettes a lot lighter, without the damage – Khloe Kardashian wouldn’t have been able to go blonde without Olaplex. I won’t colour without it. When you see the results why
2. How did you find out about Olaplex?

I found out about it on social media. It’s the fastest growing beauty company in the world of all time. That’s really exciting. I researched Olaplex and when I read what it said it was doing I thought it couldn’t be possible. The product relinks the molecules in the hair, it’s not adding anything like treatments such as the Brazilian Blow Dry. It’s not coating the hair in oils or silicones, instead it works from the inside of the hair outwards.

3. Did you always want to work with hair?

I originally wanted to work in plastic surgery but decided instead to go into hairdressing. I believe that a good hair cut and colour is essential to a person’s look and it’s really the closet thing to going under the knife in terms of an image transformation. I worked at Vidal Sassoon before coming to Billi Currie, where I am now the Colour Director. I’m a complete geek when it comes to hair treatments and when I heard about Olaplex I just had to use it. I flew to Miami to get some for the salon, I got it sent to my hotel room and then I was hooked. I honestly think it’s the biggest development in the hair industry for 100 years.

4. What are your hero products that you always reach for?

I think that once you get past £15 for a shampoo or conditioner, the quality is there. It won’t be watered down and if you spend £20 upwards on a hair mask you know it’s going to be good. You pay more for more concentration. The six products that are my absolute hero products are –


1. Redken Wax Blast – a great one for hair that has a tendency to go fluffy. Mist over a tiny amount and then shake out the hair. This will leave you with a Lily Aldridge undone look whilst still adding definition.


Image Credit: Redken

2. Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment – this is a leave-in treatment that fills in the gaps in the hair’s cuticle.

Image Credit: Pureology

Image Credit: Pureology

3. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Intensive Treatment – this is really moisturising and nourishing.


Image Credit: Philip Kingsley

4. Oribe Surfcomber Texture Mousse – this wonder product creates beachy waves.


Image Credit: Oribe

5. Pureology Hydrate Condition – this is great for those with curly hair who don’t want to wash it too often. This contains extracts of eucalyptus that leave your hair and scalp feeling fresh but without any of the fluffiness. You also use it to style the hair.


Image Credit: Pureology

6. Redken Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist – this is a shine spray that instantly softens tangly hair.

Image Credit: Redken

Image Credit: Redken

5. What would your advice be to aspiring hairdressers?

I would say to never stop listening or looking. Keep your ears and eyes open at all times. I think Instagram is a great tool in the industry for connecting professionals and for inspiration. It’s an honest forum. My other advice would be to always be switched on with other similar industries because there is a lot of cross-over. I’m always tuned in to the latest developments in the cosmetic industry because it’s so similar.

Having a technological and theory background is vital and it’s fundamental that you understand the chemical processes in hairdressing. You need to be able to work on a precise level first, because you have to know the rules in order to break them. I think hairdressing is becoming more of a profession nowadays than a few years ago when perhaps people used to view it as an easier route into a career. It’s hard work and you need to be passionate and dedicated.

6. What are the hardest parts of working in this industry?

Hairdressers are limited by two things – the condition of the hair and the hair’s texture and growth. Olaplex has eliminated the first problem but sometimes it’s not possible to give people what they are after. You have to be realistic. For example someone with rough hair coming in wanting a slick pixie crop isn’t going to get the answer they are looking for. Olaplex, however, has meant that people with really dark hair can go to a bright blonde without damaging their hair – this has completely changed my job.

Find out more about Olaplex and book in for a treatment at Billi Currie here. I had the Olaplex treatment with Tom and I can tell you that my hair is softer and healthier than ever! I would definitely recommend this treatment. 

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