The founders of JobLab give YOU their career advice

You want a job. As soon as possible. But the whole process of creating a mind-numbingly boring CV lies ahead. Then, oh no, the covering letter. What if you could skip out those steps altogether and just get straight into work? We’ve found a way.

Meet the founders of JobLab, a site which brings the jobs to you. Here Matt and Aidan tell us what they really think about internships and how YOU can get a job a whole lot sooner.

1. Why did you decide to start JobLab?

We both graduated recently, and saw how unnecessarily complicated job hunting was. We created a simple solution, JobLab. It’s a web app that allows students to create a profile which is searchable by employers, and introduce themselves through a video cover letter – so, no more wasted applications. It’s better for employers too, as they no longer need to sift through a pile of unsuitable CVs.

Image Credit: Job Lab

Image Credit: Job Lab

2. What were your experiences of finding jobs like? Did you both go to uni?

Aidan studied Advertising and Matt studied Architecture. When we left, we encountered the mine-field that is job hunting. We didn’t know where to start, there were too many options. The process was disheartening after a while, sending out so many applications and not hearing back – or getting vague feedback.

3. What would your advice be to graduates who are looking for jobs?

Know what you want – don’t apply for wildly different jobs. You should only claim to specialise in one or two fields. Refine a written professional bio, a short paragraph which sums up your experience and career aspirations.

Most of all – work on your interview technique. A great interview could help you pip a more qualified candidate. Oh and sign up to JobLab if you want qualified offers coming into your inbox by employers that have hand picked you from our talent network.

Image Credit: Instagram @job.lab

Image Credit: Instagram @job.lab

4. Do you think internships, particularly unpaid ones, are a good idea? What should people look out for when applying/starting?

We believe internships are a positive step for a graduate to take, when they’re managed in an open and honest way. Internships give you the opportunity to participate within a professional environment, but with less pressure. You don’t feel as though your job’s riding on it – so you can learn at your own speed.

We wrote about ethical internships on our blog. We feel they should be clearly structured and bosses should only take on interns if they’re interested in developing new talent – not to replace paid staff.

Unpaid internships are okay, so long as they take place over a limited time period. You shouldn’t need to have experience before you can apply for an internship either, it’s an opportunity to practice skills you’ve learned during your studies. Make sure employers aren’t vague about expenses/ pay/ end dates. This should all be crystal clear so no one gets their hopes up – especially with regards to vague employment opportunities at the end of an internship.

5. Do you think the job market is tough? Tougher now than it used to be?

Definitely. For both employers and candidates. That’s why we’re making it easier.

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