We got advice a skin expert: Meet the founder of Marili Skincare

Suffering from a stress-induced breakout right now? We know the feeling. Pollution, junk food, heating, wind – it seems everything is going against your skin right now.

We spoke to Marili Aitken, the Director and Founder of Marili Skincare, about what you can do to get the results you want.

1. Be kind 

As someone with very sensitive skin and having had numerous reactions in the past to various skincare products. Natural and organic ingredients are much less harmful to the skin and are therefore ideal for sensitive and reactive skin types.

2. See results

I find that natural and organic products deliver much better results than those pumped with chemicals; they work more in harmony with the skin and are generally kinder and a lot less harsh.

3. Avoid nasties

When you buy certified organic products, GMO ingredients are not permitted and they also tend to avoid parabens and other harsh ingredients such as mineral oils, SLS and petrochemicals. These have all been linked to allergies and eczema and are often found in beauty products, so you need to be careful.

4. Help the environment

Organic and natural products typically extend their values to their packaging, for example our containers are all made from recyclable plastics making them better for the environment.

5. Go green

It’s important to support the organic industry. When you buy organic and natural products, the farmers and producers will become busier which will ultimately lead to more affordable organic products, as the volume of work will increase.