4 students who chose to stay in their university towns after they graduated…

Although its always exciting moving to the other side of the country to start off a new life at university, most people only see it as a temporary venture. Yet after experiencing the delights of a student city for a few years, some decide to set up root – even after they’ve graduated.

We spoke to a handful of graduates who stayed in their newfound hometown to ask what convinced them to hang around once they’ve graduated.

1. Sammie Morris

Drama and Education Studies at University of Winchester

Image Credit: Sammie Morris

Image Credit: Sammie Morris

It isn’t a huge university but it has around 6,500 students which for a small city around the size of St. Albans is quite a lot.

I did Drama and Education Studies and ended up staying because I got a job straight after I finished my third year. It’s in a prison, I do administration work there.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay! I did think about it since moving back in with my parents might be a struggle, but it wasn’t until I got the job I obviously confirmed I was going to find somewhere to live.

2. Sally Roberts

Nursing at Sheffield Hallam University

Image Credit: Sally Roberts

Image Credit: Sally Roberts

I decided to stay in Sheffield because I was very involved with a sports team at uni [Climbing] and close friends with people still in uni, therefore this featured importantly in my decision.

As a nurse, I have a job in the hospital I trained in [Sheffield Children’s Hospital] which is important to me. Also, only being 22 I do still want to be around students and enjoy bars like in Sheffield even though I’ve graduated.

3. Joe Bamford

Journalism at University of Sheffield

Image Credit: Joe Bamford

Image Credit: Joe Bamford

Sheffield is awesome! But in all seriousness I was brought up in a really rural area without much going on, so the hustle and bustle of a busy city is something that appeals to me. Add that to that the fact it’s familiar and also that there are a lot of people my age still living here then it’s a perfect place to be!

4. Karl Stanley

Politics and International Relations at Nottingham Trent

Image Credit: Karl Stanley

Image Credit: Karl Stanley

I enjoy the city, reminds me a little of Manchester, where I lived beforehand, just easier to get around! Lots to do in Nottingham and I’ve made friends for life.

I felt like I had set up a life for myself here you know, got a flat, I got a part-time job [in a bar] which I intended to stay in as a way to keep earning whilst looking for other stuff, or even to make a career out of it.