Dragon’s Den’s Sarah Willingham Takes Kids Out Of School For A Year

The Dragon's Den star has decided to take her children on a round-the-world trip for a year, and is already a month in...

Business tycoon Sarah Willingham is no stranger to taking risks – since joining Dragon’s Den in 2015 she’s invested more than £100,000 of her own money in entrepreneurial hopefuls.

But the 42-year-old is about to take on her most exciting challenge yet, as she’s leaving behind her seven bed home in Oxfordshire, to take her kids on a one-year long, around the world trip.

We’re not jealous at all.

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Business woman, Sarah recently took to Instagram to share the exciting news with her fans, and said: “Eek!! It’s real!! After dreaming of this for years and coming to the conclusion that with the ages of the kids it was now or never we have actually taken the plunge! Here we are a month into our precious #roundtheworld trip… Trying hard to bottle a moment of our lives so we never forget it.

She went on: “Thank you to our friends, our family and our business colleagues for your incredible support! Love you all!”

Sarah and her husband, Michael, are planning on homeschooling children, Minnie, 10, Monti, 8, Nelly, 6, and Marly, 5, along the way, beginning their once in a lifetime trip in Canada.

Speaking to Hello! Magazine, adventure seeking Sarah said: “How could you not come back enriched?”

“We’re so open to new experiences, I think a lot will influence us. I’m sure we’ll laugh and cry more than we ever expected to.”

And fans are definitely on board with Sarah’s ‘inspirational’ decision to ditch the rat race, as one said: “@sarahwillers How completely enriching for you all, great decision. Safe travels.”

Whilst another envious tweeter added: “@sarahwillers amazing idea?. Wish we could do this”.

The mum-of-four, who earned millionaire status with the Bombay Bicycle Club chain of Indian restaurants, refused to take maternity leave with any of her children, so we think she more than deserves this amazing holiday.

Hardworking Sarah even admitted to breastfeeding her kids in the boardroom, saying: “I asked if anyone had a problem, and they never did.”

She added: “In order for me to continue running the businesses, the babies needed to come with me wherever I went. So I always needed to work.”

And it seems that her kids think she’s pretty damn great as well, as Sarah told Hello!: “For me, as a mum, this is such a precious time with the kids,”

“They still think we’re cool, they still choose us over their mates and I feel I’m bottling a period of our life that we’ll never forget.”

Bon Voyage Willinghams, we expect to see a TONNE of cute family snaps to come.

By Naomi Bartram