Sam Curry on what it’s REALLY like to be on The Apprentice

Fun, fame and the opportunity of a lifetime to get funding from Lord Sugar. Sounds like the dream right? Well, perhaps not so much. 

Here Sam Curry from this year’s The Apprentice spills all on what it’s really like working with Sir Alan and what he thinks of the explosive accusations that the show is fixed.

Sam on what it’s really like to be on the show –

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, but obviously it is difficult. It really is 5.30am starts and then getting home at 7pm, eating dinner and going straight to bed because you’re exhausted. And then sleeping in those really uncomfortable beds in a room with, like, five other people. There’s no contact with the outside world and no internet on tasks! You don’t realise until you do that show how much you rely on Google for everything.”

Sam on fellow contestant Selina Waterman-Smith’s provocative comments recently about the show being fixed –

“Do you know what, I don’t even follow what she says any more. I just think it’s best to ignore her. I know she said something about the show being rigged and the finalists being chosen in advance, but I think everyone knows that they’re just the words of a bitter person. Obviously it’s a TV show so it’s not entirely real. You’re not really just running into those shops – the BBC has to pre-authorise them for filming and stuff like that.”

Sam on Sir Alan Sugar –

“You don’t really get to spend that much time with him. You literally see him when he tells you what the task is and then again in the boardroom: that’s it. So we don’t get to know him any better than the TV audience does. It’s so funny, everyone asks you for your impression of him, but I’d say during the whole process, for me anyway, he wasn’t prominently at the front of my mind. It was always about the task and the other candidates, because those were the things you were constantly focusing on.”

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