Real life: ‘Why I went to a top nanny college’

Since qualifying from the renowned Chiltern College for childcare and nanny training, Eve Aitchison, 22, has worked in nurseries and now works as a private nanny for a 4-year-old boy.

From baking to arts and crafts, trips to the park and outings to a museum, there is never a dull day or predictable day. We caught up with her to find out why nannying is one of the most creative and rewarding jobs you can do.


Image credit: Eve Aitchison

1. What made you decide to be a nanny?

The bond you create with the children really appealed to me and I knew I would enjoy working with the children because it’s such a rewarding career. I also knew I could be really creative with my work and that my office could be anywhere from a park to a museum because I try to think of something new and fun to do everyday.

On a typical day I will take him to nursery in the morning then either take him to the park, a museum or a soft play area and in the afternoon we’ll do something crafty like cooking and arts and crafts.

Every day is different and there are different challenges to work with which is rewarding because you can see the children you look after develop and grow. It’s clear that my work is making my difference and I enjoy that knowledge. Working with a four year old also means you help them learn and practice their reading, writing, mathematics, speech etc. so I enjoy watching him develop and grow with my help.

2. How did going to a top nanny college prepare you?

I went to Chiltern College for two years, which was hard work, but it’s well worth it as you get a lot of practical experience and placements so you are exposed to different working environments and ages. I learned about sewing, health and safety and safeguarding and I also did a separate maternity course to prepare myself for all eventualities.

I would definitely recommend Chiltern because you get the best experience, learn to become independent and having the Chiltern certificate on your CV opens doors and gives you the contacts and support you need to get started with your career.

3. What advice would you give for anyone aspiring to work in childcare?

That patience is the most important tool you need. There is a massive misconception that it’s an easy job but it’s long hours, big responsibilities and demands a lot of patience and creativity. People may think it’s relaxing but I’m always rushed off my feet and having to make quick but responsible decisions on a daily basis.

I would also advice you to carefully negotiate your hours that suit both you and the parents you’re working for. You will need to be prepared to be very flexible and understanding about their schedule but don’t be afraid to stand your ground and negotiate time off being paid overtime because your work is valuable but you also need some balance.

4. What is the most rewarding part of the job?

The unconditional love you get from the children and seeing how much you mean to them. When you’re working hard but you see them develop and being happy then you know that you’re hard work has paid off. There is such a strong bond and a friendship that is rare to find in most jobs but it always brightens up my workday.

5. Where could this job take you?

Having a qualification and several years of experience in childcare means I could branch out to working in a nursery or chose a specialism like maternity nannying or working with children of all different abilities.

Once you’ve chosen childcare and built up your experience you’ll realise how many options are available and with further qualifications you can go on to nursing, play therapy in hospitals and midwifery so there are loads of exciting possibilities out there for nannies.