“Eat real, Feel real” – We spoke to Punch Foods’ Alexandra about sustainable eating, art and starting a food business

Punch Foods are one of the few great food brands out there truly making a difference for our tastebuds, bodies and our futures. Using only natural and organic ingredients, Alexandra Dudley has created a range of innovative and healthy artisan seed mixes that your body and the environment will thank you for eating.

We caught up with the head-honcho herself to talk about Punch Foods’ humble beginnings, the foodie revolution and combining the world of art and healthy eating.

1. Can you tell us a bit about Punch Foods’ origin story?

I always knew I wanted to work in food since I was young, but the idea of Punch Foods came to me during my art student years. I was incredibly frustrated by the lack of genuinely healthy snacks that weren’t dominated by additives and sugar, and I wanted to encourage people to eat good, real food. I sold my paintings to fund starting my own company, and dove straight in.


2. What trend/event do you think triggered the ‘foodie revolution’ we’re experiencing right now?

I’m not sure there has been one event that triggered a change. I think this has been a long time coming, but people are beginning to understand the importance of knowing where the food we eat everyday comes from. We don’t have to add artificial flavourings to our food when natural food has the most fantastic rich flavours of all, and we don’t have to use preservatives if we learn not to waste food but to eat good, fresh produce. I’m incredibly conscious of eating sustainably, and I think the vulnerability of our planet is a great reminder that we should all try to keep this in mind, and to eat local, organic food where possible.


Image credit: Alexandra Dudley

3. What’s your primary method of spreading the Punch Foods word? Do you appear at any events?

We host various events each month: supper clubs, panels and pop-ups. At the end of last month I hosted a life drawing class at one of my favourite stockists – Timberyard in Soho – and this weekend we have a Yoga + Brunch event at The Detox Kitchen. The great thing about being a part of this industry is that it’s growing. We are lucky enough to work with some wonderful brands who are on the same mission that we are, and we’re all helping to spread the word together! Our ethos – Eat real – Feel real – is one that I think is shared by many others out there, and I hope we are doing our bit to help make that a little easier.

4. What does the next 5 years look like for Punch Foods?

I have lots of exciting ideas of how I want Punch Foods to grow. I want to expand our range, and also grow creatively. I love putting on events such as the life drawing as it combines my two passions: art and food. And I’ll be putting on more over the next few months. So watch this space!

Punch Foods

Image credit: Alexandra Dudley

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