Presenting the internet’s spiritual and lifestyle guru, Anna Grace-Davidson

Inducting yourself to have a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily have to be a pain. Starving yourself and committing 40+ hours a week in the gym isn’t always the way to feel better about yourself.

The Grace Guru Lifestyle edit instead promotes a balanced and authentically human approach to achieving the lifestyle you want. Combining spirituality with careerism and lifestyle articles, Grace Guru is a one-stop shop for all your human needs.

List For Life caught up with the mind behind Grace Guru, Anna Grace-Davidson, to discuss business, pleasure and spirituality.

1. Tell us about your lifestyle edit. Why did you decide to start it up?

The Grace Guru lifestyle edit is about promoting a healthy, positive and spiritual being. How to live an everyday life with healthy tips like recipes, exercise and advice for a heathy mind. Grace Guru advocates being more aware of yourself, practicing mindfulness and improving your life to always be happy. Grace Guru is also about how to live in a way that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be vegetarian, vegan or extremely spiritual. For me its all about balance. I like to have a day where I eat junk food, have a couple of cocktails and go clubbing, but I know how to balance it and have my days of detox too.

I decided to start the lifestyle edit because I am living the lifestyle myself. The thing I most enjoy is sharing it with my friends and inspiring others. So I thought why not create an edit where I can share it with the whole word and learn more things with my audience.

2. How has the business grown?

Oh yes, it is growing every day and there is a lot of work involved to keep it growing. It is important to stay on top of the trends, what people are interested in and inspired with new ideas, trying to be original and creative.

3. Have you always been entrepreneurial? 

I think so, yes. I am very creative and come up with ideas all the time. I love to create new ideas, new concepts and inspire people. I am not afraid to try new things – if I don’t try I will never know if it works.

4. How can people open themselves up to spirituality and self-growth? What are your tips?

You can have a look at my edit, you can find many interesting subjects that will be for sure related to yourself about yoga, meditation, positive thinking, books and amazing travel destinations.

But also I would recommend to read a few of my favourite books, like Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” or “New Earth”. There are amazing guided meditations by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, if you are new to meditations this will be perfect.

5. What would your advice be for someone wanting to start their own company?

I would suggest you do good research about the idea first, if it already exists, what would you do differently? Business plan, marketing research and logistics are very important, but believing in yourself is the most important thing and having fun with what you are doing. If you do something from the heart and you believe in it, I can guarantee it will work! Don’t be afraid of failure the first time you try!

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