Image credit: Instagram - @wholefoods

How 8 different people from all walks of life spend their food shop budget

“I’m so broke” is a relative term. It’s a catchphrase that sits with “I’m starving” and “This is literally killing me” that is conducive to our hyperbolic lexicon and also fodder for 5/10 stand-up bits. We all need to be a little more sensitive to other people who don’t have what we have. Cue social justice Youtube video about budget.

This clip from WatchCut video gave eight people $100 to spend on their food shop budget and the results were predictable but still inspiring. The subjects lie on a white floor with an overhead camera point down on them. It’s a staple of point-proving viral videos nowadays.

The group included Tripp the 30 year old bartender, Karen the 19 year old student, Mike and Anthony the married and unemployed couple, Komal and her two kids and more.

They started by asking everyone what $100 meant to them. Answer varied from:

  • “That’s food for a week”.
  • “That’ll last a couple of days worth of money or one frivolous night of indulgence”.
  • “There are families back in India for whom that’s like a monthly income”.
  • “Money means getting by”.

The student paid $16 on meat, diary and grain, $49 on pre-packaged foods, $32 on sweets and 0$ on produce and non-food items.

The unemployed couple paid $20 on meat, dairy and grain, $1 on pre-packed foods, $35 on produce, $7 on sweets and $35 on non-food items.

The bartender spend $20 on meat. dairy and grain, $9 on produce, $62 on indulgences (it looks like one bottle of wine) and £3 on non-food items. Not much of a budget here.