Milly Dunn on how to get into visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is one of those cool jobs we don’t know too much about. Being really creative and getting paid for it sounds ideal, right?

We spoke to Milly Dunn, a visual merchandiser all about what her job actually involves. From imaging and bringing to life Christmas display ideas for a chain of national restaurants, to working in some of London’s hottest venues, this is what Milly’s job involves. Read on to discover more.

1. How did you get into visual merchandising work?

I did an apprenticeship in Harrods for two years. I started right at the bottom as a junior and I’ve worked my way up. It can be done!

2. What have been the coolest jobs you have worked on?

I’ve worked on loads of cool jobs – mainly lots of private events such as one I did for the old chairman of Harrods. I have also worked on setting up Harrods concessions abroad. Another exciting part of my job is that I get to work in some of the best venues when I set up events.

3. What are the best parts about your job?

I love working in all the chicest venues in London. I’ve also launched limited edition and exclusive products which is really exhilarating.

4. What are the challenges 

Definitely London traffic and parking! I also find keeping within budget can be a real challenge, especially if it’s a small project.

5. What projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently really busy working on a project installing Christmas for a nationwide restaurant with 90 branches. I’m also working on a dinner event for a well know glasses company and a beauty bloggers event. The jobs I get involved in are all really varied!

6. What would your advice be for someone wanting to work as a visual merchandiser?

My advice would be to do as much work experience as possible. If you are good then there is a much better chance you will get paid work from it. Offer to work all hours and don’t turn up late!

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