Meet Nicci Anstey, the Head of Training and Development at Elemis

Wish you had better skin? Want to know where you’ll be getting your wrinkles? Want to know how damaged your skin is by the sun? I did. So I headed down to the House of Elemis to meet Nicci Ansley, their Head of Training and Development for their skin treatments. 

They took some photographs of my skin’s surface (it was all very technical!) and I was shown where I’ll start seeing wrinkles appearing (freaky), where my oily glands and dry patches are and how good condition my skin is in. So cool and very interesting!

I chatted to Nicci about how she got into her job and how exactly Elemis develops the new treatments.

1. How did you get into your job? What was your career journey to now? 

Beauty had always been an interest, since I was a young teenager going with my mum to salons! This environment really sparked my interest and I decided to gain my qualifications in beauty therapy. My career began on cruise liners – this was an amazing way to travel the world! I then moved to London and worked at Harrods and Harvey Nichols as a beauty supervisor and  studied for a Certification of Education. I joined the ELEMIS training team in 1999 when the team was still very small because of a love of the brand. As the team grew and grew, I worked closely with co-founder Noella on the development of treatment protocol. I am now Head of Training Development and oversee all of our Senior Elite trainers who are responsible for teaching the ELEMIS treatments to therapists all over the world.

2. Talk us through a typical working day

I’m an early bird and like to whizz up a smoothie before getting on the train – I’ll be travelling by 6am and try and get a head-start on work on the train. My days can be so varied depending on whether I’m running a team training session, developing new treatment protocols, telling press about new ELEMIS treatments or working closely with our teams in the US. I travel all over the country but mainly split my time between London in our Head Office and our Training Academy in Birmingham. Sometimes I’ll be travelling abroad for international press events or for training – truly no day is ever the same!

3. How do you develop new therapies and treatments?

It’s a real collaborative process between me, Noella and the product development team. We look to new formulations, trends and most importantly, what customers want from their treatments. These aspects all inspire our treatment development. It’s then a case of working with the Senior Elite Trainers on the practical steps of the treatment – fitting it into particular time, ensuring there’s a smooth flow. It then will be trialled and tested over and over – often on our lucky staff in Head Office! When we’re satisfied with our results, we’ll launch a treatment to The House of ELEMIS, our flagship spa in Mayfair. Our BIOTEC facials were three years in the making so we do take our time in reaching the perfect treatment protocol!

4. What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your career footsteps?

I would say the two essential features are to be passionate and have flexibility.

5. How is the industry changing? 

The beauty industry is ever-changing. As our lifestyles change, the beauty industry has to evolve alongside. It’s both trend and health led. We’re seeing a real trend towards the inclusion of technology and we responded to this with our BIOTEC facials, which fuse touch, technology and actives. Combining a beautiful sensory experience with visible results is what we strive for at ELEMIS.

6. What new products and treatments can we look out for?

We’re launching our BIOTEC Energising Skincare System in April which turbo-charges the skin; these were inspired by the BIOTEC treatments. This is an exciting step for us and we can’t wait to see people get amazing results from the new range!

I had a facial at the House of Elemis which was amazingggg! Do pop down and have one when you get a chance – it’s the perfect lunchtime pick me up between meetings!