Manolo Blahnik, the sassiest man alive, we salute you!

Manolo Blahnik is, quite honestly, the sassiest man I’ve ever met. Even sassier than his shoe designs *almost*. Wearing a lilac suit and pink loafers, “I’m wearing pink shoes tonight and I love them”, he completely lived up to my Carrie Bradshaw-enthused expectations.

You’ll probably have heard of Manolo Blahnik because he designed Carrie’s wedding shoes when she married Mr Big. We met at his new London store in Burlington Arcade to talk all things excess, creativity and style. And I even found out how many shoes he owns…

Image Credit: Rex Features

Image Credit: Rex Features

1. On London –

“I was 15 years old when I first came to London. London was always on my mind. We grew up on Enid Blyton and Charles Dickens – can you imagine! I remember reading the memoirs of the Queen’s nanny Marion Crawford and it instilled in me this fantasy of the monarchy. London’s spontaneity is very catchy. I have a love affair with it.”

2. On the technological revolution –

“Everyone wants everything to be done now. I really can’t be dealing with this sort of impatience!”

3. On excess –

“I love anything in colour, anything creative. Scaling back is just not in my nature, I’m a very energetic person. I exhaust the people around me.”

Sarah-Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City (Image Credit: Rex Features)

Sarah-Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City (Image Credit: Rex Features)

4. On his shoe collection –

“In my house in Bath… oh goodness…I have about 27,000, maybe 28,000 shoes. Not pairs, just individual shoes. ”

5. On showing off his work –

“We will open an exhibition next January in Venice. It was funny they told me to choose the places that I like in Europe. I don’t want to do London, I don’t want to do New York – who cares!”

6. On style –

“Elegance is something you either have or you don’t. Sometimes with celebrities nowadays I don’t even know what they have.”

7. On the creative process –

“It takes me about six months to develop the idea of a shoe and create my drawing. I draw at night if an idea comes to me. Do I do mood boards? No! I hate mood boards! I find them very confusing. My mood board is in my head.”

8. On life advice –

“My advice would be to get inspired by things, even if nobody is doing them. Eventually that’s what happened to me. I didn’t think about legacy or anything like that!”

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