Make-up artist Lina Cameron on breaking into the industry and perfecting your look

Here at List for Life we believe strongly that doing what you love is the key to success and happiness in your career. So who better to speak to than someone who has made a career from something they have always had a passion for?  

Lina Cameron did a degree in economics before coming to the decision that she had to follow her heart and her love – make-up. She’s now one of the most successful make-up artists in the country.

We chatted to make-up artist and beauty coach Lina on how she got into the industry and what her top tips are for a flawless face. We just had to ask!

1. How did you get into being a make up artist?

I have always loved design and working with colours, but I decided to do something more conventional and did a degree in economics. This didn’t satisfy me though and decided that pursuing my passion was more important and so I headed into the world of make-up.

2. What is a typical working day like for you?

On studio days it is always busy, but no two days are the same as every woman I see has different needs, concerns and desires when it comes to their appearance and make-up routine. Some days are focusing on lessons, some days meeting blushing brides to create the perfect look for their weddings. Others involve getting people red carpet-ready for events. Some days I am out of the studio working with brands for their campaigns, meeting people from my favourite brands or writing articles for various publications and blogs. It’s always different and diverse.

3. What has been the most fun job you’ve worked on?
Every woman I meet has new and exciting stories to share with me. Make-up is such a personal and often emotional thing so it’s a privilege working so closely with woman about their own looks, but it is also meant to be fun, so my job is always full of laughter and enjoyment.

4. What would your advice be to someone wanting to become a make-up artist?

With any work, make sure you have passion for it. It can be a difficult industry, but the pleasure of working with people and helping women reveal and understand their own unique beauty is a joy.

5. What are your three best beauty tips?

1. Make sure you exfoliate, as this undoubtably makes your makeup go on easier, look better and last longer.  This step is so often forgotten, but is so crucial.

2. Set your make-up. If you have spent a long time putting your make-up on, you don’t want it to disappear, so make sure you set it, keeping it in place and looking sensational all day long.

3.  Drink lots of water!

6. What is the best make up for work?

Keep it easy and simple, but also long lasting.  Develop a routine that shows your own beauty, and stays put to prevent you needing to touch up during the day.


Check out Lina’s website here.

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