Lucy Mecklenburgh on aspiration, stress and making it in the business world

We’re all pretty envious of Lucy Mecklenburgh right? She dazzles on our TV screens and we all want that body. Her Instagram is one account that I follow *stalk* regularly. But there’s another side to Lucy that you may not know about – she’s a determined, hard working businesswoman. 

Here Lucy chats to List for Life about dealing with stress, making it in the business world and learning the skills you need to succeed. You’ll love Lucy even more after reading this!

Image Credit: Lucy climbing to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis

Image Credit: Lucy climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis

1. What made you decide to start Results With Lucy?

I’m lucky in that I have always been quite slim, but after seeing some awful pictures of me on holiday looking very unhealthy and feeling sluggish I really wanted to do something about it. Essentially I wanted to get healthy and tone up but hated going to the gym. I would always start up a membership, go for a few weeks and then give up. I preferred training from the comfort of my own home rather than being in a daunting gym so I started training with my personal trainer Cecilia Harris.

I started posting pictures on my Instagram and Twitter of me working out and girls would always ask how I’d changed my body shape, what I was eating and how they could keep fit. We got the idea from there. Now Cecilia is my business partner as well as my personal trainer. We wanted to give girls the chance to get fit and healthy from home without feeling overwhelmed as many people do in a gym.

We now have a great team of trainers and nutritionists who provide daily workouts and recipes to help girls get the body they want through being fit and healthy rather than fad diets.

2. What was the biggest challenge you faced when you were launching the business?

I wanted people to take me seriously. I know I’m not a personal trainer but I work with some of the best in the business who really know their stuff. They helped me tone my bod and eat a better diet whilst still ensuring my body got all the nutrients it needed. I wanted to offer my followers the same.

We knew what we had to offer was different from anything else on the market and that it wasn’t a fad. The biggest challenge was showing others that and I think we have. I get comments every day from girls sending me pictures of their body transformations and how happy they are which is so nice to see.

Image Credit: Lucy climbing to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis

Image Credit: Lucy climbing to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis

3. What would your advice be for aspiring young business women?

Don’t give up! There will be hurdles and there will ups and downs but it will be worth it to see your business succeed. You have to work hard and be determined and not worry about the critics. It’s long hours and lots of sleepless nights to begin with, but it’s all worth it when you see people using your product which you have put your heart and soul into. When I started Lucy’s Boutique, there was so much I had to learn about business but I realised that the more I knew the more I could grow my business.

4. How do you juggle everything?

I’m so lucky to have all the amazing opportunities I do which makes it a lot easier. Some days are crazy and I will have meetings, shoots and events, but I try my best to relax over the weekend and see my friends and family. Spending time with my loved ones always makes me happy. Oh and I keep a diary! It’s on my phone, but it always keeps me organised.

Image Credit: Lucy climbing to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis

Image Credit: Lucy climbing to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis

5. What has been the most amazing, ‘pinch me’ moment of your career so far?

The Tumble final is one of my proudest moments and something I will remember forever. I never thought I’d be able to learn such an amazing skill and I made friends for life. I love seeing results from people using Results with Lucy, such as these from Charlea Glanville that I shared on Instagram [below]. Also seeing myself modelling on the advert for my Pretty Little Thing collection was insane! We filmed it in Los Angeles and it was incredible. How many people get to do something like that in their lifetime?

Image Credit: Instagram @lucymeck1

Image Credit: Instagram @lucymeck1

6. How do you deal with being in the public eye? Can it be challenging/stressful?

It can be challenging at times but I would say I have definitely learnt to deal with it a lot better now. I was only 19 when I went on TOWIE so to begin with it was quite a culture shock, especially when I read horrible comments about myself. I’ve learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt now. There will always be critics but at the same time there are so many more people who are kind and positive and that’s where I like to focus my energy. My family keep me grounded and have always helped me through any tough times being in the public eye.

7. You climbed Mount Killimanjaro a few months ago, who did you do this with? Why did you decide to do this?

One of my lovely Results with Lucy personal trainers, Sophie Holmes, suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and climbing Mount Killi has always been at the top of her bucket list. This was the year she decided to take on the challenge. I love a challenge! With my personal trainer Cecilia on board we convinced the RWL team to join us on the trek with Sophie to help raise awareness for CF. Sophie is such an inspiration. We helped and supported each other on the trek to reach the summit. Reaching the summit was such an achievement. I felt a whole range of emotions from relieved and proud to elated.

8. What’s the best life advice you have ever been given?

My dad always told me to follow my dreams, work hard and never give up trying. I always keep that in my mind.

Lucy and the team took part in the Mount Kilimanjaro trek sponsored by Ellesse to raise awareness for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

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