Introducing Caroline Oldham and Biteappy, the app to help allergic and intolerant people eat out!

Biteappy is the app from the heavens for those of you who struggle with eating out in restaurants because of allergies and intolerances. Created by Caroline Oldham, the app serves as a comprehensive guide to eating out all over the world.

We caught up with Caroline Oldham to discuss the origins of Biteappy, how the public perception of dietary requirements is changing and where she’d like her brand to be in 10 years.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the philosophy behind Biteappy?

My name is Caroline Oldham, I am 30 and live in Brighton. I am a coeliac with a lactose intolerance, which is why I created Biteappy, to help people like me find places to eat around the world by their dietary requirements. I love going to the gym and cooking so I created a blog full of recipes which are all gluten free and dairy free, plus some paleo and vegan ones to help people get creative when cooking at home.

2. How did you go about designing the app and website?

I had the vision of what I wanted in terms of my website and app, however I am not a coder by profession so I have a team of developers at a company in Brighton called ‘Dabapps’ which helped build my website and app with me. This was a fourth month process where we worked together nearly every day to make it perfect.

3. What’s been the best feedback or story you’ve received or heard from a user so far?

I have had many along the way, some make me really emotional as it is nice that you can have an impact on peoples lives. One that sticks firmly in my mind was at the Allergy and Free From Show in London last year, a man came and found me with his wife and said he had driven hours to come and meet me as my app had changed his life as a coeliac who also had other intolerances. He said my app had made him feel confident enough to eat out again as he knew being a coeliac myself my data on the app would be carefully selected. His wife was also really thankful as she said they had finally gone out for dinner after a number of years of being to afraid. This was so lovely that he took the time to tell me this and it makes me very proud of what Biteappy has achieved.

Image credit: Carol Oldman

Image credit: Caroline Oldman

4. We’re going through something of a food renaissance right now where people are paying attention to what they’re eating more than ever, do you think an app like yours could have existed 10 years ago?

I think that 10 years ago there was not as much talk or education about food and allergies. When I was diagnosed over 10 years ago there was no where to buy gluten free food, there were hardly any restaurants that even knew what it was let alone cater for it or other intolerances, even vegetarian options were scarce. So I think that an app 10 years ago wouldn’t have been as popular however it would have been something that would have grown with the industry from the early stages which would have been fascinating.

5. How did your partnerships happen?

Many of my partnerships are people who i have met along the way through my journey with Biteappy. For example, Allergy Buddies were next to me at my first show and I thought their clothing line for young children with food allergies was fantastic so we decided to team up and help promote each others brands as they all compliment each other in different ways.

6. Where do you think the future of the Biteappy brand lies? Maybe your own restaurant?

I would love for Biteappy to grow and grow into a globally recognised name. Although I would also love to open a cafe of some sort. I would really like to have my own cook book which not only helped people with food allergies and intolerances but could also help chefs in restaurants with processes and product knowledge. That would be another dream of mine.

Learn more about Caroline on her Twitter (@Biteappy) and website