We met the investment banker turned menswear founder for DAPPAD London!

We spoke to Erika Nilsson-Humphrey from menswear designer and online outlet, DAPPAD London about her career journey, making the transition into menswear and the necessity of feeling passionate about your work!

How did you get into investment banking?

I studied Economics at Uppsala University in Sweden. I am an economist by training and before DAPPAD I spent 8 years working in various finance houses and banking.

Can you tell us about DAPPAD London?

DAPPAD has been designed for the modern man. Many men in London work hard and need to look their best at all times. They are time poor and want to look good effortlessly. DAPPAD is a bespoke service inspired by Saville Row mixed with modern technology. A client contacts DAPPAD and fills in a questionnaire, then a stylist handpicks clothing for them to be sent to their home to try on. The client can choose to keep what he likes and send back the rest with complimentary shipping both ways.


Image credit: Dappad London

Talk us through your thinking behind it?

I worked in investment banking for eight years, my last place being Nomura. The idea for DAPPAD came about because I had very little time to shop with long days and demanding work tasks I was left feeling exhausted by the bare thought of having to face a department store. On the weekends you just rested and recuperated instead of shopping. If a service had been around like DAPPAD at the time it would have been a blessing. I literally had hardly any time to find clothes despite loving clothes and fashion!

Why did you decide to have such a dramatic career change?

The idea behind DAPPAD and also because I wanted to change my work life balance went hand in hand and all contributed to the reasons for a dramatic career change. In the City people work extremely long hours with no time for any other activities. I love retail, I wanted to do something new and to dictate my own schedule and change to something I am passionate about.


Image credit: Dappad London

What is your career advice for finding the career path you’re passionate about?

You really have to believe in what you are doing. Starting a business is really all consuming and it can be 24/7 in the beginning. If you are going to start a business then you really have to have a passion for what you are doing. I have always believed that DAPPAD is a much-needed service and I love styling men. My passion for what I am doing has driven the business to be successful very quickly. I wanted to create the ultimate shopping experience for men in a modern way, make it personal and save time.

We believe that time is the most precious thing and that it should be spent wisely. We also believe that what your wearing matters and style is your way of saying to the World who you are without speaking a word! You have to have a firm mission statement for your career and stick to it.

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