‘I’m an Offshore Engineer – it’s not just a job for the boys!’

Scarlett Mummery is an offshore geotechnical engineer who is drawing a lot of media attention in the oil & gas industry. Alongside her hectic career, not only has also started her own successful blog The Offshore Blondie.

Writer Nicola Cope found out more about the girl behind the blog and why the offshore industry is #NotJustForBoys!

Image Credit: Scarlett Mummery

Image Credit: Scarlett Mummery

1. What made you decide to start writing your ‘Offshore Blondie’ blog?

The initial idea for the blog was from a personal point of view to document the journey my career offshore takes me on. After sitting down and brain storming a name (The Offshore Blondie instantly fit the bill) it dawned on me that I could really raise some awareness, offer and insight and spark an interest in a career offshore within others both males and females..

2. How do you find working in a male dominated industry?

I am happy to say that female discrimination is something that I have never experienced during my time offshore. It is male dominant and that isn’t going to change any time soon. But working offshore is all about team work, your gender doesn’t come into the equation. Don’t be discouraged or intimidated by the male-dominance of the offshore world.

3. Can you run us through a general trip offshore for you?

The phrase ‘east, sleep, drill, repeat’ is very fitting to a trip offshore. Generally projects run on a 28 day rotation basis. The usual working pattern is that of 24 hour operations, 12 hour shifts – midnight to midday or vice versa. There is no such thing as weekends; in fact all real sense of time goes out the window. I am involved with the site investigation phase of an offshore project development. Everyday varies, that’s the beauty of the job.

Image Credit: Scarlett Mummery

Image Credit: Scarlett Mummery

4. What has been the stand-out moment in your career so far?

The highlight of my career to date actually took place onshore. I was so proud to be standing on stage as the Guest of Honour at the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2015 in Amsterdam. This was an incredible experience and it was great to be acknowledged for my career and my blog ‘The Offshore Blondie’.

5. And how about while offshore?

I will never forget being in Norway, standing on the Helideck at 3am in the freezing cold watching the magical Northern Lights dance above me. Not many jobs give you the opportunity to watch a sunrise and a sunset every day with the gorgeous Clio Bay fjords in the backdrop, to paddle board on Lake Washington, to hike to Paradise Point on the Mount Rainier, or to meditate with a group of Buddhist Monks. My job has taken me to some fantastic places and allowed me to experience a variety of different cultures with some great people.

Image Credit: Scarlett Mummery

Image Credit: Scarlett Mummery

6. What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting a career offshore?

If you’re prepared to get your hands dirty, make sacrifices and travel the world, then go for it! From a female point of view, do not be put off by the fact that it’s a male-dominated industry. If you are a confident and hard-working individual, then gender doesn’t come into the equation. Working offshore has given me the opportunity to create some of the best memories that I will keep forever.

You can check out Scarlett’s internationally recognised blog here.

Words: Nicola Cope