This Will Reveal How Good A Driver You Really Are

Prepare to be mind blown...

A few weeks ago, Fashion News Assistant Bridie Wilkins spent an afternoon doing something she never thought she’d do: a driving emotion test.

Yeah, we’d never heard of it before, either, but if we were to put it simply, it basically tells you whether you’re an easily distracted driver or not. Hyundai are the brains behind the project, who joined forces with a behavioural psychologist to look at how senses impact our emotions when driving.

You’re probably wondering how you’d go about this, then. That’s where it gets interesting.

Bridie’s test started off like any old drive. After a while, though, she was hooked up to a heart rate monitor and filming began on a camera in the rear view mirror. Randomly timed bleeps began to sound throughout the drive, after which Bridie would be subjected to a sense test including eating sour sweets, smelling petrol, listening to extra loud rock music and coping with the highest heating setting available. Strange, we know.

So what did it tell us? Well, according to the test, Bridie’s actually pretty aware of her surroundings, and paid close attention to what was going on around her. Apparently, noise had the biggest affect on Bridie’s driving, while smells made only minimal difference. Pretty interesting, huh?

The point of this article, then, is that if your driving ability is something you’d like to improve, Hyundai’s Driving Emotion Test is the way to go about it. Trust us, it’s a serious eye-opener.