Hub Dot is a professional network for women that might change your life; we spoke to the founder!

Hub Dot is a truly unique professional network for women. Instead of forging one-sided connections based on labels and algorithms, Hub Dot has taken its structure from the Italian piazza to bring storytelling back into the process of success, friendship and innovation.

Organising both physical and digital events, Hub Dot uses a series of coloured dots as a way to give “women the freedom to explore and start a conversation”. Learn more about the dot system here.

In the meantime, we caught up with the founder of Hub Dot, Simona Barbieri to talk about her origins, networking, women and more!

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the origin of Hub Dot?

2. What inspired ‘The Dots’? Was there a lightbulb moment that the idea originated from?

I was having a coffee with a bunch of friends in Fulham and a friend made a comment about how ‘stuck’ she was feeling and I wanted to help – I thought: “Imagine what could happen if we could unlock our individual connecting powers and make ‘things happen’ for us all. Let me gather all the different friends I have , their various stories and aspirations, remove their labels and give them the freedom to explore and connect 360 degrees (life/professional/inspirational)”. That was the beginning of what we call Dot Alchemy – two women and their stories, their Dots intersecting and a transformational connection is created.

3. Did you have any experience in event management prior to Hub Dot?

Oh yes…. I used to work for Goldman Sachs in corporate events. I loved the events I used to organize but I sometimes found them soul less – I wanted to be involved in events with a big purpose!

4. Have you got any stand-out stories between members that have come from working at Hub Dot?

A chef who connected with an investor and got funding, Two women connecting around their kids and creating a deep friendship, two starting a fashion business together..


Image credit: Simona Barbieri

5. More now than ever we need platforms for strong female communities and I believe, having just graduated, universities to be the perfect place for Hub Dot to have a presence? Have you any plans to partner with campuses or societies within unis?

Yes! We were invited by the Oxford Union to talk about our Dots and disruptive way of networking. We want our Dots to fill all universities, schools, campus. Our mission is to create ‘Dot Alchemy’ everywhere and allow everyone to find ‘that one connection’ that could make all the difference.

6. What would you like HubDot to have achieved in the next 10 years?

Hub Dot everywhere any anywhere! On our digital Piazza – where through the 5 Dots we will all be able to connect holistically, both around our professional and personal life.