How to be more attractive, by an expert

Sarah Jones is the UK’s Leading Holistic & Intuitive Skin Expert. Pretty cool job title, right? We chatted to her about how she got into the industry and her wellbeing and beauty tips.

Sarah lives by the mantra that beauty on the outside begins with beauty on the inside. Confidence, positivity and balance are all things that alter the way we look on the outside, so restoring health and wellbeing is really important. Prepare to be inspired and educated!

1. Talk us through your career journey and how you got to where you are. Did you study beauty?

After graduating at the age of 19 from Steiner Beauty School in London, I became a trained Beauty Therapist. I’ve now spent over 15 years in the wellness and beauty industry with my key approach to all my work being based around the idea of a healthy mind, body and soul starts from within. Coming from a natural spiritual background from a young age I blended my passion and talent for wellness and beauty by opening 3 wellness spas with a focus on designing my own signature treatments to heal the inner self. I was then awarded entrepreneur of the year.

2. Why holistic?

A holistic view means looking at the whole, not just individual aspects. I believe that beauty on the outside begins with beauty on the inside. Essential to our beauty is a healthy lifestyle, an inner peace, positivity, confidence and overall balance. 

I believe you have to be happy from within, hence, why I always say to my clients you build your beauty with every bite, breath, thought and action. Small changes in your diet and lifestyle can take your beauty and body from worn out and deprived to radiant, healthy and nourished. The added benefit? You’ll super charge your health, rev up your energy and boost your emotional wellness. Let your lifestyle speak for you!

3. What are your top 5 expert beauty tips?

You build your beauty with every bite, breath, thought and action.  You define beauty for yourself, society doesn’t define your beauty. Your spirit and your faith define your beauty.

1. Keep hydrated

2. Eat a balanced diet

3. Exercise often

4. Meditate and clear your mind.

Live in the present moment and just be, excluding a vibrant attitude to life! To be comfortable in your own skin is the beginning of strength.

4. What is your advice for feeling more confident and self-assured? Does this start from a person’s health/ appearance?

With the understanding of what our body is telling us, we are all empowered to create a healthy and vibrant future. Your mind is the most powerful medicine to heal, restore and maintain perfect health. It’s so important to build a loving and nurturing relationship with ourselves and I believe is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. 

You’re as beautiful as you feel, so think gorgeous thoughts, be kind to your body and be confident about your own unique beauty and then you’ll love what you see in the mirror – Rock your radiance.

Stay strong, stay true and keep life real.

5. Our readers are young professionals with hectic schedules – what can stress do to their skin and health?

Stress has such an impact on our bodies, minds and skin. Making all aspects of ‘one’s’ self ill at ease. I believe that your mental wellbeing, emotional balance and energy are all integral to your physical health and radiance.

6. Tell us about your TOUCH treatment. What does this involve?

TOUCH Therapy is a bespoke treatment in which I see and feel your pain, yet I give a positive message for self-healing and growth. I am delivering a message that has been designed to work on an emotional level and to deal with your inner emotions in a natural way with a philosophy about individuality and accepting who you are but most importantly KEEPING IT REAL.