Funemployed: ‘The end of my studenthood’

Chloe Moss, 22, is a fashion blogger and freelance writer who graduated with an English Literature degree from King’s College London in July. In her first ‘Funemployed’ column she reveals her initial encounters with grad life…

One month ago, on the last day of July, a terrible thing happened. My student card expired, and with it, that glorious discount that led me to Topshop multiple times a week. No longer will I be able to tell myself that 10 per cent off means buying 10 per cent more clothing (I didn’t study maths, as you might be able to tell). However, the terrible thing is way bigger than this. The loss of this discount is symbolic for the loss of the final shred of my student status.

I graduated last month, and, having jacked in my job in retail to travel, I have been rendered unemployed. Which does not suit me well at all, because I had the student thing down. I had the discount, I’m really good with tequila, and you know, I liked the studying. But now, all of that has been ripped from my comfortable student life, and I am that labelled with the dirty word of “graduate”. I’m an unemployed graduate. More generously, I’m a blogger and freelance writer. I’m a social media over-sharer who would practically live-tweet a bikini wax. And ultimately, I’m an English Lit grad trying to locate those precious ‘marketable skills’ beyond my penchant for a rambling sentence, a reverential adoration for fashion, and humour reliant on self-deprecation and the audience’s knowledge of the Real Housewives franchise.

Image credit: @style.scout Instagram

A good friend of mine who graduated in 2014 told me that Facebook makes graduating look easy, because nobody puts the shit stuff on there. Nobody writes about their terrible cover letters or disastrous interviews – or lack of interviews entirely. We only see the good parts, where people get onto their Masters course, or actually reach the holy grail of getting employed. Well, that makes it sound pretty bleak, doesn’t it?

Fear not, because I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be all that bleak, even if you’re not writing a post about your new job a week after finishing finals. This column, written by a total hot mess who can barely put her knickers on the right way round, should give you some kind of hope that being a ‘fun-employed’ graduate might be hilarious and messy and, essentially, fun. Either that, or it’ll at least make you thank your lucky stars that you aren’t as much of a disaster as me.