Fleur De Force: ‘How I became a vlogger and how you can too’

She is a YouTube sensation, beauty expert and has published her own book The Glam Guide, yet Fleur De Force (real name Fleur Bell) is still only 26 years old.

The full-time vlogger, who has an incredible 1.2m YouTube subscribers, reveals to us how Taylor Swift kick-started her career, and how she would tell her teenage self to stop worrying about boys.

1. How did you get into vlogging?

I saw an interview with Taylor Swift where she was talking about make-up tutorials on YouTube for the looks she wore in her music videos, and how she liked to watch them. I had no idea these existed and was really into make-up, so I searched them and got sucked into the community of beauty YouTubers for the next couple of months, but was too scared to actually make a video of my own. After a while, I showed my mum a review of a product she was thinking of buying and she gave me the encouragement I needed to get the ball rolling – I’ve been making videos ever since!

2. Did you ever think you could make a career on YouTube?

At first, absolutely not! I started at a time when the concept of being a ‘YouTuber’ for a living didn’t really exist (I started my channel in September 2009) as the platform was still so new, the audience was much smaller and everyone was just doing it for the love of what they were talking about.

3. Talk us through your day…

There is definitely no ‘normal’ day for me. I work from home half the time, am in london the other half, and in between that I also travel a lot with work too. I’m always an early riser though. My brain works best in the morning so it’s rare you’ll ever find me in bed later than 7.30am – even on weekends.

4. How do you chill out?

I used to be really bad at ‘switching off’ and forcing myself to step away from my online world at all. However, over time I’ve got much better at it. It’s never for long – I never, ever go a day without checking Twitter, Instagram and emails – but I do leave my phone at home quite a lot now if I’m going out for dinner with family and friends. To be honest, I love what I do so much, I really don’t want to switch off!

5. What’s your advice for anyone who wants to follow you into vlogging?

The most important thing is to be passionate about what you’re talking about, as that’s what shines through and makes people want to watch you. It’s also important to really love what you’re talking about as it’s hard work building and maintaining an audience.

6. Have you ever doubted your career?

Of course! I’m quite a pessimistic person naturally so I’m constantly feeling self-doubt, but I think the best part is when you prove yourself wrong – it gives you more confidence in your decisions.

7. What would you say to your 15-year-old self?

Stop caring about what people think so much. Also, spend more time with your friends and less time worrying about boys!

8. What are your life goals?

Being happy is always number one for me. My goals and dreams change over time (as I’ve reached many of them in my work life, they always change and develop) but keeping your eyes on the most important things in your life.

Watch Fleur De Force’s latest video below:
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