‘Finsta’ Is The Latest Instagram Trend And You Won’t Guess What It’s About…

Social media users have outdone themselves again. Always finding new ways to increase the transparency of the ‘personal brand‘, Instagram users have taken full advantage of the new feature that allows you to easily change from one account to another.

Like Twitter, Instagram has enabled users to manage more than one account at a time which is great news for anyone running a small business and even better news for anyone considered ‘Instagram Famous’…


As with any Instagram change, the teens were the first to take the smallest tweak and blow it way out of proportion. In this instance, teens have popularised the terms ‘finsta’ and ‘rinsta’. We could have some playing around with words but let’s cut right to the chase, what the hell is going on here?!

Well, ‘Finstagram’, ‘finsta’ for short, is the fake Instagram account used by teens to showcase the more authentic versions of their life which is, maybe, the most blatantly ironic thing in the history of ever. Day-to-day musings are published here for a smaller audience of just friends. Like a private Twitter account where you bitch about your boss.

‘Rinstagram’ is the publicly viewable account for displaying an artistic flair and all the best bits of your life. This is the account that creates the illusion that your life doesn’t have cracks or flaws.

You’d post a sick-bed selfie hashtagged ‘FoodPoisoning’ on Finstagram but you’d probably post the seafood medley that gave you the food poisoning on Rinstagram – get it?


The reasoning behind these two accounts isn’t as silly as the initial premise. Social media expert, Paul Booth, spoke to Teen Vogue suggested that this new trend is the natural next step for the obsession with ‘image’ that modern teens deal with.

He theorises that the pressures of hoarding likes and having a steady follower stream has forced teens’ hands to “curate an authentic version of yourself for the people who are following without having to worry about how many likes you’re getting or feeling judged by your followers”.