Fancy yourself as the next Zoella? Here’s how these people made it in blogging/vlogging

Thinking of having a career change? These bloggers/vloggers make money from doing what they love, often from the comfort of their bedrooms. 

Read on to discover how they made it (and made millions *ahem Alfie Deyes*).  Blogging/vlogging could be your next job. You’ll be reaching for your camera in no time.

Fleur de Force


Image Credit: Instagram – fleurdeforce

She is a YouTube sensation, beauty expert and has just published her first book The Glam Guide, yet Fleur De Force (real name Fleur Bell) is still only 26 years old. Here’s how she’s done it (all). 

“The most important thing is to be passionate about what you’re talking about, as that’s what shines through and makes people want to watch you. It’s also important to really love what you’re talking about as it’s hard work building and maintaining an audience.”

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Pandora Sykes


Image Credit: Instagram – pandorasykes

As Fashion Featured Editor and Wardrobe Mistress at The Sunday Times Style, as well as running her own blog and working as a stylist, Pandora Sykes has some pretty serious style credentials.

“It is a seriously saturated industry. Some of the biggest bloggers in the world are ones I’ve never heard of – it depends what you want from a blog. I like unique fashion and great writing, whereas a lot of blogs are limited on content unless it is visual. There’s an audience for every type of blog, whether it be word-heavy, picture-heavy, or just a Tumblr. it’s about identifying your core audience and maintaining their interest.”

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Alfie Deyes

Image Credit: Instagram - pointlessblog

Image Credit: Instagram – pointlessblog

Alfie Deyes has made a career out of sitting in his bedroom. Yes, really! He’s a YouTube star with over 4 million subscribers, commanding huge audiences for his videos, all at the age of just 22. 

“The job is very hard, it’s very competitive, you’ve got an audience watching you who will notice if you do something wrong or are a bit boring for a little while and are happy to just switch over and watch something else so you are always replaceable. I’m very lucky to have such loyal viewers but that could disappear which is an important thing for every YouTuber to keep in the back of their mind.”

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