Exclusive: Danielle Peazer tells us how to make it as a professional dancer

Danielle Peazer always knew she wanted to be a dancer – but even she couldn’t have predicted how successful her career would end up being.

After graduating from the English National Ballet School she has become one of the most sought-after commercial dancers in her industry. She’s danced for everyone from Jessie J, Kylie and Little Mix and performed at the London 2012 Olympic Games. She also danced on live TV show The X Factor – where she famously met One Direction star Liam Payne, who she dated for two years.

On top of all this, she has a highly successful blog Idle Lane – where she writes about her other passion: fashion – and has managed to remain super lovely and approachable along the way. Here Danielle, 27, talks us through her dance career so far.

1. How did you know you wanted to do your job?

I always loved dancing and grew up in a household where music was constantly played so once my older sister started dancing I started shortly after and loved it straight away.

2. How did you get started?

I started with ballet lessons when I was 2 and from there went onto tap and modern classes.

3. Worst job you’ve done?

I can’t think of just one job but I’ve had to dress up in silly costumes like a giant eyeball before, jobs like that can be strange ones.

4. What’s been the most important moment in your career so far?
5. Talk us through your day…

It varies from day to day but now that things have got a lot busier for me I am usually up and working by 9am and if I have rehearsals for a job then that will start at 10 and finish at 6. I always try to get to bed early but am usually still up at midnight chatting to my flat mates or cooking as I tend to eat quite late.

6. How do you chill out? Do you turn your phone off at night?

I don’t turn my phone off but I put it onto silent because sometimes emails come in at strange times or my friends from overseas will text me not realising it’s the middle of the night! To chill out I like to hang out with my friends, I love going for dinner, living in London’s Soho there are so many great places to eat so I always like to try something new.

7. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My parents always told me the importance of being yourself and going for what you want in life rather than following the crowd which I think is important.

8. Most insightful advice you’d give anyone who wants to ‘do a you’!?

Be yourself and work hard.

9. Have you ever had a moment of self-doubt? What happened?

I think it’s important to never be too self confident, you should never feel like you’ve achieved everything, there is always something else to reach to. Yes I’ve had self doubt but I try and use it in a positive way.

10. What would you say to your 15-year-old self?

Not to care about what other people think because it really doesn’t matter.

11. What are your #LifeGoals?

I don’t have life goals as such, I just want to continue doing what I’m doing and be successful and happy.