Emily the Editor of List for Life on what goes on behind the scenes

So you’ve read the articles, flicked through the homepage and shared your favourites on Facebook and Twitter, but how does List for Life really run behind the scenes?

We interviewed our editor, Emily Wadsworth, and asked her to spill the beans on all things List for Life.

From run-ins with style icon Jerry Hall to chats with Victoria Beckham in Beijing, Emily has had to work hard to get where she is now. Read on and check out her top tips. You won’t regret it.

Image Credit: Emily Wadsworth

Image Credit: Emily Wadsworth

1. How did you get into journalism?

I did a degree in Classical Literature and Civilisation at the University of Birmingham. I enjoyed it, mainly the partying and shopping with my friends in my spare time, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after I graduated. I interned at a modelling agency during my first year and that’s where I first got a glimpse into the shoot side of magazines. I applied to every single magazine in London and eventually got asked to come and do a placement at Heat magazine. After graduating I went and did a masters in Magazine Journalism at City University. My friend Nick Carvell, the Online Fashion Editor of GQ, also did the same course and he said that it was a lot of work. He was so right! I don’t think I estimated correctly just how intense the course would be, but it was so much fun and I really learnt a lot from it.

2. What has been the most amazing moment of your career so far?

Definitely flying to Beijing to interview Victoria Beckham. She’s been one of my idols since, well, forever! I was so nervous when I was waiting outside her dressing room and I was told to wait even longer before I could go in because she wanted to change out of her dress and heels. I was expecting diva behaviour but when I got in there Victoria was really sweet. She gave me a big hug with her super skinny limbs and she sat relaxed and cross-legged on a huge puffy sofa as she chatted away to me.

3. What is it like working at List for Life?

We’re a friendly group, always sharing cute dog pictures and laughing about funny Buzzfeed articles. I get to work with my friends which is always fun. We’re all really busy juggling lots of different interviews and discussions, but journalism is definitely an exciting industry to work in.

4. Are you a nice boss?

I would like to think so! I’m not the best at delegating because I usually just want to take everything on myself and do it all. But on the whole I love listening to other people’s ideas which I think is important. List for Life is a big team effort and we all want to see the magazine do well.

5. What would your advice be to aspiring journalists?

Get as much experience as possible! I have done some terrifying internships in the past but it all looks impressive on your CV, even if you hated every minute! I did a lot of freelancing for the Mail on Sunday Diary, going to events and getting quotes from different celebrities. Boldly going up to Jerry Hall and asking her about Georgia May Jagger was a pretty scary moment, but being a diarist definitely toughened me up. You won’t always get to walk the red carpet at film premieres but putting yourself out there is the best way to get noticed.

Come and write for us at List for Life to gain more experience, we would love to hear from you. Contact us here.

6. What do you wear to work?

I’ve loved fashion my whole life so I always want to look on-trend. A go-to workwear look for me would be smart trousers, heeled ankle boots (I love my new Bionda Castana fringed booties) and a cashmere knit. Accessories are important too and I’m a sucker for a statement handbag and a chunky necklace (Zara do the best ones). I also wear my Charlotte Simone popsicle a lot – Charlotte Beecham is an incredible young designer so I’m always keen to support her.

We are also big fans of camel coats in the List for Life office. I recently bought a new one from LK Bennett that I never want to take off – it feels like a snuggly dressing gown!

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