Dating network founder: “A.M.O.R.E is like headhunting in the love sector”

Are you bored of being single? Well we’ve got some inspiration for you. Entrepreneur and business woman Paola Diana is the founder of A.M.O.R.E, a luxury lifestyle network dealing with one of the more complex interactions of the human social sphere: dating.

Catered to high profile people with busy lifestyles, A.M.O.R.E is designed to help these people find love. The brand organises bespoke events in Mayfair, all curated and hosted by Paola: Professional Matchmaker.

We caught up with the Paola to get her insight on the dating scene of 2016.

1. Can you tell us a bit about your career path and the philosophy behind A.M.O.R.E?

I started my first company, Nanny & Butler, out of a personal need when I couldn’t find childcare for my small children as a masters student in Italy. I found that there were a number of good services in the UK so I took that business model back to Italy and started my own company. From this, people started asking if I offered other services and from this I founded Sigillus – a network of concierge services, from security, real estate to corporate bespoke training.

A.M.O.R.E is the new matchmaking service at Sigillus. We have a personal, old-fashioned approach based on traditional values. There is a niche who want and authentic connection and don’t want to waste time. A.M.O.R.E is like headhunting in the love sector; going back to old style romance, finding real people real love.

We host exclusive monthly dinners for which is a great way for people to network and interact.

2. I recently read a book called Modern Romance by Azis Ansari which is a sociological overview of the way we’ve adapted to technology in the dating world. How different do you think, if at all, dating is now than it was 15-20 years ago?

It is very different finding romance in this day than it was 15-20 years ago because of Apps and technology. It is tricky because things have gotten easier but worse at the same time in some ways. You can easily find a lot of hook-ups but if you are looking for true love it is more difficult to find someone. For older generation, I don’t think apps are the route to take but I understand the appeal for younger generations. I am by all means modern and am not against technology but would always advise people to be careful and not get caught in the superficiality.

3. Since online dating consists a lot now of judging profiles and bubbles with faces in them, do you think that online dating is a good thing for young people who have never dated in the old world? 

I don’t think it is good and apps can improve a lot in this area. It is so easy to lie about your whole identity and I think there should definitely be more background checks and verifications.

Paola Diana

Image credit: Sigillus/Amore

4. Following that, Tinder, being the most popular online dating site for young people, has a developed a bad reputation in such a short amount a time. Do you think that specialised dating sites are the future of online dating?

No, definitely not, I think we can do much better! I think in the future we will search for love on a deeper level and create small groups based on our interests to connect with people. I feel that many young women have low expectations but do truly want to find someone responsible they can have a future with, but using apps to date lets them down. We need some middle ground between the old methods and the new.

5. Finally, where would you like to see A.M.O.R.E go in the next decade or so?

I would love to see it growing globally and becoming a real network of people who are really serious and committed about love.

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