ChariTable Bookings is the app where you can pick a dinner spot WHILE giving to charity!

ChariTable is the restaurant booking app that’s actually making a difference in the world. It enables customers to book at over 3,000 participating restaurants while raising money for the charities that they care about. For every diner, £1 will be donated to your elected charity by the restaurant. 

We caught up with CEO and Founder, David Johnstone to get the details on this non-profit revolution!

1. What problem did you set out to fix in this world with ChariTable?

Create a way in which to help thousands of people less fortunate, through a simple everyday thing.

2. How did you want to disrupt or disrupted your industry?

Our aim is change the way people book a restaurant and know that while the diner is enjoying themselves, they are also helping a cause close to their heart which in time can lead to a great deal of money for that charity at no cost to themselves and help the charity receive valuable unrestricted funds.

3. What inspired you do this?

My business partner, Lord Fink, who is a great Philanthropist has worked hard throughout his life and now has the opportunity to make a difference for causes close to his family’s hearts.


Image credit: ChariTable

4. How did you make it happen? Did you write a business plan, had a clear strategy and a business model or did you just started doing it and then figured it out in the process.?

We had two years of planning and an extraordinary team that allowed us to fast track our business model.

5. Has your initial vision changed since the launch?

The core vision has stayed the same but the app is constantly evolving. We are launching in two weeks a new website that allows anyone to book from any computer or smart phone device.

6. What’s the biggest risk that you’ve ever taken and how did it turn out?

Putting 2 years into research and development without launching in haste.


Image credit: ChariTable

Advice – From start to funding

What would be your tip to someone looking for an investment

Believe in the business, the more passionate you are about it the more likely it will work.  Know the team well and make sure you are all aligned to the same goals.

How did you find your investors? 

He was a client of one of my businesses.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to startup founders?

It will take you 4 times longer than you think.

There are no days off and no weekends!

Keeping everyone believing. Focus on the end game and make sure one is not derailed by the daily obstacles.


Image credit: ChariTable