Celebrity skin guru Lee Garrett on how to get perfect skin

Has winter left you with dry, dull skin? We’ve just about had enough of it. So we went in search of some solutions. Cue our new guest writer Lee Garrett – celebrity skin guru extraordinaire.

Based on Harley Street, Lee is one of the UK’s leading skincare experts. Asking an expert is what we love to do, so here you go. You’re welcome!

Here Lee tells us how to address the skin issues you’re having face on *excuse the pun*.

1. Battle dry skin and Eczema

The lack of sunlight and the dehydrating central heating, as well as the cold weather, are not benefiting factors for your skin. I have the secrets that will help prevent bad skin and protect your skin from the bad weather!

Dry and Eczema-prone skin can be caused by perfumes, metals,  inherited from your family AND even related to asthma and hay fever. It can also be caused by the central heating in your home or office.

I would say to avoid foods such as dairy foods, eggs, seafood, wheat and nuts, which could flare up your skin. Aim to eat oily fish that will reduce water loss in your skin and improve plumpness and moisture. If you are prone to eczema go for salmon and mackerel. Try products such as Synchroline Sensicure Serum which helps to reduce irritation and symptoms such as itching, red spots, dry skin and scaling.

2. Dull skin? Read this

You cannot moisturise dead skin. Dead skin is dead. It’s not going to go away with moisturiser. Exfoliation is key to a brighter complexion and you can exfoliate with a flannel, which helps promote healthy, glowing and radiant skin. Or you can use an exfoliating face wash such as Offects Exfoliating Polish which is gentle enough to use daily because it doesn’t over exfoliate. You can go deeper with microdermabrasion which revitalises the skin and reduces the appearance shallow acne scars. Remember to wear a SPF after exfoliating, as your skin is more sensitive to the sun and the possibility of sunburn. Also never exfoliate in the morning, exfoliate at night to make sure that your skin isn’t so vulnerable to sun exposure.

3. Vitamins and supplements could save the day…

Boost your skin from within this season and get ahead of the pack with these great products. The new ‘beauty buzz’ is Fountain’s The Hyaluronic Molecule food supplement. This promises to extend the life span of cells after drinking it. Instead of using lotions and potions to fight anti-ageing – your glow would come from within! I always recommend that you use supplements and the right nutrition to make sure you’re in the best position to look your best!

4. Vitamin C is the dream

You can get your five a day not only from the fruit bowl but also from your bathroom cabinet! A dose of orange juice is good for keeping colds away, but Vitamin C is a power-packed antioxidant that fights off the signs of aging and is also a known skin brightening agent as well. ZO Medical C- Bright has a dose of vitamin-c that helps to boost the appearance of your skin and also works below the skins surface to help prevent melanin pigment from forming.

5. Get the right moisturisers and toners

It goes without saying that you should wash your face twice a day and remove your make up; it gets rid of the excess oils and dirt that have built up on you’re the surface of your skin. These oils and dirt can clog pores and leave you with bogged down skin.

Washing your skin reduces the natural oils on the surface and leaves it needing a dose of hydration through a moisturiser. If you skip it after washing your face, your skin is more likely to look older and will expose any visible fine wrinkles. Use Clenziderm Pore Therapy to cleanse your pores and leave your skin feeling, clean, soft and energized!

Lee Garrett is available for bespoke quotes on non-invasive treatments, skincare and product recommendations. Follow Lee on Twitter @LeeSkinGuru