Britain’s Next Top Model’s hairdresser talks TV, industry tips and crazy hairstyles

If you’ve been watching Britain’s Next Top Model (I definitely have!) then you’ll have seen hairdresser Matthew Curtis. Remember the tears in makeover week? He sure does! 

We caught up with him to talk all things Leonardo DiCaprio, travelling and effortless hair.

1. How did you get into the hair industry? 

Before I was planning to go to university, I took time off to go traveling in Europe. I stopped in Denmark and I stayed with a wonderful hairdresser who was head of department for the Copenhagen Central Theatre. One night I went to go an assist to see what it was all about and spent the evening passing pins and assisting. I’ve always been open to trying new things and have a passion for new tasks – this certainly was a new experience! It turned out to be fast paced, artistic and an amazing experience that then spring-boarded my interest into the hair industry.

2. What’s been the biggest pinch me moment of your career so far?

Actually as I answer these questions, I’ve just came back from the BAFTA’s after styling various guests and was invited to the Harvey Weinstein after party. The room was full of every celebrity you can ever image from Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Gruffalo, Rebel Wilson, Steven Fry, Benedict Cumberbatch and many more. It made me grateful for my chosen path, I mean you often get to travel to weird and wonderful places and style hair, but so often you’re on the other side in the glam squad that prepares everyone for the event and not often attending, so this for me was a ‘pinch me’ experience.

3. What are your favourite looks to create?

I love the classic techniques like finger waving and tight marcel looks; techniques that many younger hairdressers aren’t trained in, so keeping this alive is important for me and other session artists I know too.

4. What’s it like being on Britain’s Next Top Model? Can we expect to see any crazy hairstyles?

The makeover episode is where you tend to see the real changes happening; that’s always one of my most favourite film days! With the actual shows, because the campaign shoots are linked to brands we really have to keep the hair on brand to the client brief, so not so much on the out-there hairstyles. Its funny people love to see the wild hairstyles, but crazy hair never stays around and it’s always a short lived trend; the most beautiful hair is always a really timeless look.

5. What tips would you have for women who want a new look but aren’t sure what to go for?

Seek advice and trust your stylist – we know what we’re doing and can’t afford to just make a rash decision. So many women think hairdressers just want to chop hair off but that’s not the case, we just want to keep the wheels moving and do what’s best for you. We all have our professional integrity at stake and that, certainly for me, is the most important thing in creating new looks on clients.

6. What are the next big hair trends for 2016?

Effortless hair is still a big trend and to be honest I’m looking forward to it changing! It’s been about for a few seasons now, granted with a few variations, but I’m ready for women be more coiffed and look more expensive.


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