“Being too obsessed with views/plays will destroy everything” – meet new band Claire

They’ve toured with Chvrches and Bastille. They’re electronic pop that’s actually really cool. They cite the Foals as inspirations. AND they’re about to blow up and be firmly on your radar. There was a lot of things we needed to ask band Claire. So we did. 

We chatted to the five-piece from Germany about how they formed, how they broke into the industry and what it feels like to be on tour.

1. How did you come together to form a band?

At first we just came together to do one song. At that time the guys (Nepi, Messel, Flo) were working at the same music production company and Flo knew me (Josie) from early days. They wanted to have a female voice so Flo asked me, knowing I was quite into singing.

It was meant to be just one song for a short video of a friend. In the end it turned out to be the first song of our album The Great Escape. It just clicked and we decided to do a few more songs together. We got to know each other better and it was fun to try out new things. We all have different musical backgrounds and especially this exchange between us, was something we all enjoyed. After getting a few songs finished, we wanted to take it to the stage. However, playing live without drums wasn’t for us. That’s when Fridl, our drummer, joined us.

2. How important is the internet for breaking new bands these days? Do you think artists can become too focussed on the number of views/plays online?

The internet gives bands new opportunities. I think it has both positive and negative sides. Positive because it is easier for breaking new bands and for them to spread their stuff online. This was actually how we got started – without the internet no one would have ever listened to our music.

Something I’m not sure if I see as positive or negative, is how fast music is developing throughout the internet. You have so much choice, you often don’t really get into music like you maybe did before you had such a big range of input.

On the other hand, it is very inspiring to have this huge input. Although they actually shouldn’t, I think artists can definitely get too focused on the number of plays. I had a discussion with Flo about this actually because no one can deny that plays are something every artist looks at. It’s a kind of feedback, but in the end, it’s also something so unreal. It is so much more important for artists to be into what they’re doing, rather than thinking about how all the others might respond to it.

If you, as artist, are on fire with something and giving the best you can, despite the views or plays, you can be satisfied with yourself. This makes it easier to become creatively more courageous, which definitely gives you a much bigger and better experience. However, it wouldn’t be honest to say that we don’t get influenced by views/plays once in a while. I think that’s totally normal, but it should not be the main focus – being too obsessed with views/plays will destroy everything.

3. What would your advice be for aspiring artists wanting to break into the industry?

There is no secret potion, just a lot of luck. Remaining authentic is important, as well as being aware that even though there will be tough times ahead, these times shouldn’t throw you off your tracks.

4. Whats been the most amazing moment of your career so far?

Wow, there have been so many. I think the greatest moment was our first headliner show/tour. Being aware that people actually bought tickets to listen to our music and see us play was totally amazing. When people in the audience started singing along to our songs, that was definitely a ‘pinch me’ moment…and it still is a ‘pinch me’ moment every time we’re on stage.

5. Who are the artists you admire and look up to?

We all have such a different taste in music, so this isn’t an easy question to answer. Caribou, Lianne La Havas, Bonobo, Foals, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan…..and so on and so on.

Image Credit: Claire

Image Credit: Claire

6. What’s next for you guys in 2016?

At the moment we are writing on our second album. After our equipment was stolen, we were forced to take an unpleasant break away from playing live and are so happy to be able to get started again this year. We are really excited for the year ahead!