#AskAnExpert Doctor Martin Godfrey: the man behind the science of skin products

Dr Martin Godfrey is the head of Research and Development at Minerva Research Labs. It might sound like the kind of place where intimidating metal doors go *woosh* when they open and the lifts are completely glass, but, as far as we know, it’s mainly a place to develop skincare products.

Martin is currently working on the development and release of Minerva’s new Gold Collagen liquid anti-ageing supplement. We caught up with the general doctor turned research-head to discuss his career.

1. For our readers, can you explain your role at Minerva and day-to-day responsibilities?

I am Head of the R&D department at Minerva Research Labs. My main responsibility is in the translation and communication of the science around our Gold Collagen products to our various stakeholders.

2. When you were fresh out of school/uni, where did you expect your career path to lead you to?

I qualified as a medical doctor and first went into hospital medicine but then moved into general practice. I have a real interest in inside out anti-ageing and health so my role at Minerva Research Labs was a perfect fit.

3. How do you think the anti-ageing market will change over the next 15 years?

I think that it will continue to grow exponentially with more emphasis on prevention – that means growth in products that keep individuals healthy for longer. Anti-ageing prevention will expand from beauty and skincare and into the prevention of joint problems and cardiovascular problems. I think nutraceuticals will play an ever more important part in this process.

4. How much do you think consumers of your product rely on the scientific backing over the other elements of marketing a product?

I think they like to feel there is a strong scientific platform upon which the more emotional marketing communications are based. Consumers have become savvier so scientific backing is becoming even more important than marketing these days.

5. If you could, what pieces of advice would you give to yourself 15 years ago?

Don’t put on weight, don’t cancel the gym membership and keep out of the sun!

6. What do you consider your proudest achievement?

Other than my kids, it’s becoming a doctor.