The UK’s leading psychic medium reads List for Life’s cards and answers YOUR questions

Hi readers, my name is Emma and I’m a full-time Psychic Medium. I do one to one private readings with people and connect people to their loved ones in spirt. I knew from a very young age that I had a gift that was to change my life dramatically later on in life. I first realised I had this around the age of six when I had an encounter with my grandfather who had passed to spirit an hour before.

It didn’t frighten me, probably because I was so young. Growing up, things continued to happen, in particular when I would be about to fall asleep, spirits would constantly show me their faces. When I got older it did frighten me as the spirits were so strong and vivid. In my early twenties, I accepted my gift and worked with them to help people here on earth. I have never looked back since and I will continue to use my gift to help others until I myself take my last breath here in this life.

Love Emma x

Card of the Week – Happy Thoughts

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This week I have chosen the card “HAPPY THOUGHTS” – it is really important to remember that in life the more positively we think the better we actually feel. Maybe your life has been very up and down recently and this has left you feeling quite low. Your angels and loved ones in spirit are urging you to think happy thoughts. We can sometimes concentrate on things that we don’t have rather than things that we do. Have a think about your life and realise how blessed you are. Just simply having the gift of life is something to be happy and thankful for – others do not have that luxury.

You will see on the card it has lots of clouds but the sunshine is peering through in the background, happier times are on the horizon for you. Another aspect to this card is dreams and in particular dreams of a loved one in spirit. You may have recently had one or you will in the future. You may be feeling down due to the loss of a loved one also. This card urges you to think back to the happy memories you had with them. They may have been taken to the next world, but memories are something that can never be taken from us and we can treasure them forever.

Reader’s question – Can you predict who we can expect to see during a reading?

When we go for a reading the majority of us automatically expect a certain member of our family to come forward. In most cases, it can be the person we have recently lost or someone we were extremely close to. I have done many readings where people have expected one spirit and got another. The answer to this is that it is the spirit who makes the decision who comes forward not the medium that is giving the reading. Just because your grandmother has not stepped forward certainly does not mean she does not want to contact you, but they will when they feel the time is right. Maybe your grandmother does not feel you have fully grieved for her yet and she is waiting for the right time. Sometimes they let other spirits step forward as they feel they have a stronger message to give. We do not always get who we expect in a reading, but that does not mean they are not safe and well in spirit. I am sure she will make the connection with you in the future try not to be disheartened.

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