7 hacks for staying healthy during the Christmas holidays, from a nutritionist

The tinsel is out, the tree is up and the advent calendar has been cracked open – it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, right? But Christmas usually means three things – mince pies, Baileys and chocolate truffles. Not the best for your health. 

We spoke to Vidhi Patel, a Nutritionist from Minerva Research Labs, about how you can stay on top form. Despite the calorific joys.

1. Limit yourself to only one sweet type per day

Chocolates and sweets are in abundance during the Christmas period, so try and eat them in moderation. If you eat a piece of cake, try to avoid chocolates for the next 24 hours to dodge a sugar overload, which can leave the skin looking (and you feeling) tired.

2. Cut down on red meat

Luckily, turkey is the showcasing meat this season. Lean meats like turkey and chicken, or even fish, are a healthy alternative to red meat. If you do eat red meat, try to avoid drinking red wine – it can be too much for your body to process and digest, especially in the winter.

3. Replace normal milk and white chocolate with 60-70% dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains far less fat than other options and is even known to be an antioxidant. Bonus!

4. Remove Make-Up

The last thing you want to do after a late ending Christmas party is complete your cleanse, tone and moisturising ritual but honestly, your skin will thank you for it. Dirt, grime and sweat from the day has the opportunity to sit in your pores and can cause nasty breakouts.

5. Drink Red Wine

Now here’s one we can definitely all get on board with. One glass of red wine a night can provide you with healing anti-oxidants. Red wine contains Resveratrol*, which lowers the risk of blood clots and helps prevent damage to blood vessels – an all round winner. There’s also something to be said for a healthy dose of relaxation too, so put your feet up, pour a glass and get an early night.

6. Take supplements 

Collagen is an existing component in our skin responsible for its strength and resilience, which over time and through various life stresses (including Christmas) starts to break down leaving the skin looking deflated and tired. If you’re keen to pack in as many benefits as possible, try taking ACTIVE GOLD COLLAGEN every morning. It’s a great way forward for reviving beautiful skin, hair and nails. It helps improve early signs of ageing, meaning one small shot a day will nourish the skin from the inside out. ACTIVE also uses collagen and other ingredients including L-Carnitine, Glucosamine and Chondroitin to look after your muscles and joints at the same time – perfect for the busy festive period.

7. Eat a proper meal instead of snacking

Busy schedules around Christmas can cause you to nibble on junk food for ease. These will give you the extra sugar and calories but provide no nutrition, so do remember those brussel sprouts too!

Now what?