5 ways to get perfect work hair, by guest writer Lauren Pope

Want to know how to get perfect hair for work when you’re super rushed in the mornings? We asked someone who knows exactly how to achieve the look we all want, Lauren Pope.

Here our new guest writer gives YOU her top tips and hair secrets.

Lauren Pope in the Syn Messy Bun

Lauren Pope in the Synthetic Messy Bun

The 21st century lifestyle is a busy one and so many of us are tight for time especially in the mornings. Part of the influence behind my extension brand Hair Rehab London was to give women the opportunity to create beautiful, full hair in a matter of seconds. I’m all about the no fuss and no frills hair regime, so here are my top five tips for perfect work hair.

1. Prep as much as you can the night before 

To save yourself time in the morning, it’s always worth spending a little time the night before prepping the hair. Whether that’s sleeping in braids for a natural wave in the morning or tying hair in a loose ponytail and wearing a silk scarf to reduce frizz and tangles.

2. Fake it to make it 

My Hair Rehab London hair pieces are a life saver when it comes to styled hair in minutes. The Wrap Ponytail and Clip On Bun are great for achieving sleek, desk to dancefloor type styles in under five minutes. Just clip them in and you’re ready to go.

Image Credit: Hair Rehab London

Image Credit: Hair Rehab London

3. Make Dry Shampoo your best friend 

Using dry shampoo means you can refresh your roots. This can leave your recent blow-dry intact for a little while longer. Instead of battling with the hairdryer in the morning to primp freshly washed hair, you can just recycle your old ‘do.

4. Speed Style 

I have a trick for curling hair my in seconds. What would usually take 10 – 20 minutes to tong an entire head of hair, takes seconds with this secret. Tie you hair up in a ponytail, split the ponytail into two (or four for thicker hair) and curl each section at a time. When you undo the ponytail you’ll have natural looking waves, which will have taken you half the time!

5. If all else fails, opt for a top knot 

If I’m in a rush I’ll always create a quick top knot or use my clip on buns. It takes no time and still looks like you’ve made an effort. This is perfect for a smart office look.

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