5 things we learned from meeting YouTuber Niomi Smart


Niomi Smart is poised and elegant as she arrives at the List for Life office. Perfectly put together, we were all getting style envy (that dreamy trench coat!). After introductions though, she completely relaxed and we saw just how open and approachable she is. We learned so much from our chat with her but the thing that has stuck with us the most is that even the super successful people we all admire are really just like us!

We talked about how she got into vlogging, her Law degree, beating stress and why not knowing what you want to do as a career is completely OK! Prepare to see Niomi in a whole new light.

1. Niomi totally loves what she does

One thing we really took away from meeting Niomi is that she really loves her job. If you’re doing a job you don’t like – get out! Do something different, explore you options and experiment. You never know what type of career you could end up in, just like Niomi has done.

2. Niomi didn’t know what she wanted to do when she left school either

Niomi may be a super-successful YouTuber, but she was just like us when she was doing her A Levels! She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do either, but it all worked out well in the end. If you’re at school, college, university, a first job – wherever, and you’re not sure what career path to follow – don’t worry! There are so many options out there and it’s all about following your passions.

3. Niomi thinks that the vlogging and blogging industries are changing rapidly

If you’ve been inspired by this video and are now thinking of following Niomi into a career in vlogging or blogging, maybe you need to take the leap NOW! Also read our interview with film director Elisar Cabrera who says that: “The Youtubers of the next couple of years will be Viners and Snapchatters.” What do you think?

4. Niomi is fantastic on camera

She’s just a total natural isn’t she? We’re thinking about taking some courses in on-camera skills now because it’s a really great skill area to have nailed down!

5. Niomi has amazing taste

She chose a damn good green juice. We were impressed and are now converted to Green Goddesses.