‘My 5 reasons why teaching English abroad is awesome’

Whether you want to break routine, learn a new language, gain a bit of life perspective or just spend some time on a beach, consider trying your hand at teaching English as a foreign language.

Teaching abroad is one of the most viable ways of living in a new and exciting country, whilst also being able to have a fulfilling and stable job.

Our guest writer Ellie Sin tells us why teaching English abroad has been an amazing experience for her, and why you should do it too.

Here are five reasons why you should book that one-way ticket.

1. The job itself

Without sounding cheesy, it really is such a rewarding feeling watching your students gradually develop and improve their English. Besides that, you will develop an understanding of our language that most native speakers don’t have (do you know what the present perfect or a past participle is?) which in turn will help you enormously with learning a new language yourself. Bringing me nicely onto the next point…

2. Learn a new language

There’s no doubt that including a foreign language on your CV can be a major advantage nowadays and a valued skill in the eyes of prospective employers.

Be it Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or Russian, immersing yourself into the culture is absolutely the best way to learn it. Forget repeating the alphabet in a dingy classroom, you’ll be using it on a daily basis in real-life situations and picking up colloquialisms which can help you to really understand the language. You’re throwing yourself in at the deep-end but you’ll thank yourself for it later.

3. The lifestyle

This is the exciting part – choosing where to go! Maybe you want to save up some money whilst away (think about the Middle East or South Korea), you’re looking for more sun (the list is too long to include!) or just a change-up to break routine.

When it comes down to it, you’re being paid to live, work and travel in a foreign country. Of course the lifestyle varies depending on where you go but there is (literally) a world of opportunities at your feet. Once you’re there you’ll certainly have frequent pinch-me moments.

4. Explore a new culture

Apart from picking up the local lingo, you’ll come to understand and become a part of a whole new culture. You’ll be fully immersed and mixing with locals, a level of integration only reached by living there. Living abroad also brings about many more opportunities to travel on a budget which means weekends and school holidays can be filled with trips to neighbouring cities and countries.

5. Personal growth

Throwing yourself head-first into a new country is no mean feat. In doing so you’re uprooting your life and creating a new one for yourself in a very foreign environment. Essentially, it’s a fresh start and an opportunity for you to try many different things. You’re bound to find yourself a new hobby or sport and not to mention new friends. There are so many experiences to be had when living and teaching abroad and there’s no better time than the present to go for it.