Speaking with the GlobalGirlsGuide founder about Harvard, tragedy and the travel industry

Following the death of her husband, Jennifer Croll moved to a new city and became inspired to create a platform that would provide the best recommendations and experiences in cities all over the world for women. GlobalGirlsGuide is the quintessential travel guide for women.

We spoke to founder and innovator Jennifer Croll about her rise to success, how the travel industry is changing and how to cultivate a successful business like GlobalGirlsGuide! Learn more about GGG here.

1. Tell us about GlobalGirlsGuide – what is it

GlobalGirlsGuide is the ultimate platform for connecting, recommending and empowering women around the world. It is a digital guidebook curated by the world’s most sought after influencers. It is a philanthropic initiative; with 10% of subscription profit going straight back into local communities.

2. How did the concept come about? Did you have a Eureka moment?

In 2008 I found myself as a single mom of two living in a new area.  Without the connectivity of family and/or friends, I found myself alone, lost with the urgent need to get “up-to-speed” on everything from where to put my kids in school, where to go to counseling to where to get my hair and nails done and everything in between.

3. Do you think influencers and vloggers have completely changed the way young people travel?

I believe influencers and vloggers have completely changed not only the way young people travel but also how they are inspired and honestly the entire business marketing model as a whole. I think that this moment in time may likely be referred to as the Influencer Revolution.


Image credit: Jennifer Croll

4. Why did you decide to market this at women?

It’s not completely about marketing to women but rather bringing women together to create a network of empowerment via sharing information and using a percentage of the revenue that we can create on this platform to raise money for women who are unable to empower themselves. Inspiring and empowering women creates an environment in which women get inspired to empower their children.  This can be a catalyst for significant global change through education.

5. A lot of our readers are busy young professionals – what are your top tips for them to make the most of their annual leave?

  • Consider the best way to budget your limited time and think about going somewhere where you can do the things you really love. Are you more into sightseeing and attractions, or are you all about retreats and relaxation? Plan your itinerary before you go to really maximise your time.
  • Remember who you are travelling with, they may have limitations in terms of timing, money so plan well ahead with them. What are their top priority interests? I’ve found that it is better to pre-define travel partners priorities so that you’re all on the same page and have the same expectations.

6. What can you give us some advice on running your own business?

Get to 30,000 feet. At Harvard I learned that it is essential as a CEO of a business or a household or any community to elevate your perspective as if you were on an airplane evaluating the situation from above.  It gives you clarity on what really matters and what doesn’t, what can be postponed and what is an acute emergent situation.

Write down your goals periodically. In doing so some kind of magic happens, as if your brain has given marching orders to the rest of the cells in your body to start them all towards the direction of those goals.

Annual leave is a time for reflection and re-evaluation. People change. Try to take the time to recognize your current priorities and focus on those. Life is ever-evolving. Try to follow the path that is unfolding beneath your feet, embrace and enjoy the journey.


Image credit: Jennifer Croll

7. What has been the most exciting, ‘pinch me’ moment of your career journey so far?

Realizing that after a tragedy, you become “zombie-like” and carry on as best as you can by putting one foot in front of the other.  Slowly it became apparent to me that I was blindly following a path that was unfolding beneath my feet and it led me to places and people that I may have never been to or met.  I’ve learned on this journey of being lost to now feeling again to be found within myself, that it was the right path to take and one that I will continue to follow.